2023 C-USA Basketball Tournament, 3/8-11

This is a decent first round match scenario for the Niners. They beat MTSU by a wide margin the first time they played them at home and narrowly lost the second matchup on the road. This will be MTSU’s first game of the conference tournament also so if they come in cold and the Niners score some points like they did verse UAB it could be the first Charlotte CUSA tournament win in a long time.

clt says a potential friday game at 1pm? good time to call it a week and hit the bar

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Man, I hope CUSA allows teams enough practice time to get used to the less than ideal background at this stupid venue. Tournament may turn into a brickfest.

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Hope we don’t fall back on that excuse no matter the outcome.

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Oh I’m sure there will be excuses a plenty if we lose Wednesday…

We play Thursday , so………

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Good one less day of the excuses… :joy:

WBB does play on Wednesday vs FIU.

CUSA is in a league of their own. You cannot even watch the game that will be your next opponent unless you do not want to watch your team play.

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Oh no! The ref’s will be there! We are doomed already

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Its CUSA. Not a given that the refs will show up (at least. on time)

One last time with The Curtain!!

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Where does this guy come off saying CUSA is one the better mid-major leagues. I’ve been told by the authorities here that CUSA sucks. :grin:

Definitely been one of the better leagues outside the P6 this season. Will finish in the NET top 10 for the first time, just behind the AAC.


clt is concerned about the intensity of the warmups.