2023 College Football 🏈


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More on proposed rule changes:

Better rule:

Fewer commercials.

Problem solved.

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I guarantee you that he was being truthful. Maybe not smart but truthful. He is a great recruiter too so there is that. Now if he wins nobody in Colorado will care what he says or how he recruits.


I was once told that the the bulk of donors to davidson athletics are wealthy families who have kids that want to play college ball and are offered scholarships to davidson.

That pressbox/building looks better than what we currently have, 10 years in.

I haven’t been on their campus in over a year. Where exactly is this being constructed? I’m assuming where their practice facility currently is? I don’t see them being able to fit that rendering where the current one is

Reposting this from 2021:

Fewer payday games for G5 is the unstated sub headline here. Unless they finally dump that ridiculous late season weekend where they all play FCS programs.

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We were mentioned on the 3/1 Cover 3 podcast. Not much and not worth listening to it just for comments on us but one of the hosts stated if he’s playing Charlotte next year he wants to get us early before all the new talent we have brought in jells as a team.

That was it.


Also I think the unwritten take away here is that the TV partners want as many big games as possible for ratings.

If you get the check, you have to be ready to get the hard games.

That’s from a conference perspective. The TV partners want the biggest games they can get as often as possible.

I like the change but I woulda made it 2 min in the first half and last 5 in the second