2023 College Football 🏈

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Name that popped up during our previous coaching searches.

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Man we got screwed on our stadium naming. The lack of contract details is among the worst things from the previous regime.

When is our naming rights contract up?

Never. It was permanent. 10 mil for eternity

The payment terms were 1 mil a year for 10 years If i recall correctly.

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But I would assume that someone could buyout that agreement, however the amount already spent would need to be refunded or is it such that no one can buy out the agreement and that there is no way to EVER move forward.

I have to assume that there are some big $ donors that could easily buyout the 10 million if they wanted to.

There is no buy out clause, no behavior or morality clause, no time limit. There was no fine print. It was a byproduct of someone not understanding the world of college football. The only option would be to hand them back their 10 mil and hope they don’t sue to keep the name on.

Of course the caveat to this is that donor is worth billions - so we may be playing the long game of leaving name as is with the expectation of way more coming down the line.

How stupid!


When will AAC schedule be released?

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clt says we learned here about paperwork

I was just about to ask the same thing, lots of schedules being released this week.

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