2023 College Hoops Coaching Carousel

Holy shit, that’s a fantastic hire for USF, and the AAC.

That’s the kind of hire that elevated CUSA 1.0 to the high major league it became from 2000-2005.

Edit: see that the AAC board is bad mouthing the hire. Say it’s a retirement gig.

If he still has the fire in his belly and thinks he was forced out at ND, it could be a good chance to show them up

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Some of us thought Jim Larranaga’s taking the Miami job was a move to retire while getting paid in South Florida. He’s won with the Hurricanes.

The University of South Florida doesn’t have the best track record in D1 hoops. Lee Rose took Charlotte and Purdie to the Final Four before going to USF.

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An older guy that has won and is looking for one more run and then retire doesn’t bother me at all.

Cooley is a very good coach. That is a great get.

The way he looks in that picture, is he going to live six more years?

That didn’t take long

No surprise there. In fact, when he didn’t leave Denton last year I figured he was holding out for just an opening like TTU.


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