2023 Conference USA Baseball Tournament

clt says that is brilliant!

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Simsy is the only real starter we have left.
If we keep advancing, Jack and Calvert may get some innings :crazy_face:

My favorite pitcher walks out to Hell’s Bells!

It looks like Mean Joe is learning from the master CLT. You teach your Padawan’s well.

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Langhorne on the mound. He didn’t pitch against MTSU in the series so they haven’t seen him.

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Just learned from the broadcasts crew that Niners had worms for breakfast at 5:30 am. Yummy.

Hungry Ron Swanson GIF by Parks and Recreation

Home Run Homer GIF by Gwinnett Stripers

4-2 niners heading into the top of the 5th!

If the niners win when is game 2 against MTSU? Just got my answer 4pm!

BOOM! Again

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Cam is a bad man!

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Cam Fisher is the GOAT!!! 29 dingers!!! These teams don’t really pitch around him do they haha…fine with us!

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Is that 5 or 6 for the tournament?

Got my answer - 5!

kate upton GIF

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This is fun again !

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clt says chicks dig the long ball!

We better save some runs for 4pm!!!

Second straight 9 run inning???
These announcers are a joke.

Fisher now the nations leader on HR’s !


I heard that too lol made no sense!