2023 Football Recruiting Thread

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Name Rating Height Weight POS School
1 Jasper Parks 6’7 315 OL U Sioux Falls
2 Malik Baker 5’11 190 WR UT Martin
3 Quavaris Crouch :star::star::star::star: 6’2 237 RB Michigan State
4 Nikhai Hill-Green :star::star::star::star: 6’2 232 LB Michigan
5 Elijah Culp :star::star: 5’9 175 DB Troy
6 Dae Dae Hollins :star::star::star: 6’2 210 DB UNC
7 Challen Faamatau 5’10 213 RB Maryland
8 Joseph Bearns :star::star::star: 6’2 245 TE/FB Maryland
9 Gus McGee :star::star::star: 6’5 220 TE SDSU
10 George Udo :star::star::star: 6’1 205 DB BYU

Thanks for the list!!! We can scratch Bennett off of it though. If people liked what they saw in the spring game, it is only going to get better with these guys being added.

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Biffmas is a year round holiday!


Any word yet on a decision? Interesting that it is taking this long. Are we looking at any other QBs if he decides not to come? I know the team should be set to return after the holiday.

Just a question which one of these transfers had extended experience, seems we will need it, how many were starters?

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You have guys like Burton and Fields that played in double-digit games during their tenure at their schools with a couple of starts. Eyabi played in 14 games with 2 starts and was slated to start for the Wolverines this year. At UTM he started in 8 games and was 3rd Team OVC. Jones QB played the entire Fr season at JSU and took over starting duties at JSU as a Frosh & Soph (covid). Started every game at Bethune Cookman. Clowney 6-8 games. K Evans played in 7 games. Ali played in 10 games. Ekwonu played in 27 games. Hestera played in 11. Knight played in 36 at Tech and had 51 tackles. Adair played in 9 games at LU and 2 @ JMU. Daniels OL played in 21 games over 4 years. Wallace DL saw considerable time at a MS JUCO. Welschof played in 36 games over 4 years. Handy played in 7 games at AU and played in 9 games at IU before an injury. White played in 2 games at MN to preserve RS season. Balfour 6 games. Balogun played in 16. I may have missed some but the gist is most of the transfers got meaningful PT and would have played this year if they had stayed at their respective schools. This isn’t the typical “we didn’t play so we are leaving” per se, they believe in Biff and want a different College experience.


Thanks for that research vader59!!

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clt says our wins over is easy money



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This should help the QB depth. Competition is always a good thing.




I think he has the potential to be very good. I see a good competition brewing.

Boom! I feel much better about the QB room now. That’s three solid options with the perfect spread of eligibility.


don’t say that out loud :slight_smile: , I am waiting for that to come out at books, I can’t imagine it’s more that 3 or 4. I am planning ongoing big

I am starting to worry that I will have nothing to worry about

Go Niners!

It was at 2.5 over/under on Wins but with a QB probably be adjusted, be interested to see the impact.

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