2023 Softball 🥎


Yeah that call was utterly bogus.

I believe Kass is joining the coaching staff as a grad assistant next year. Lexi Wagner too.

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UNC-Chapel Hill’s softball coach retired today.

There is also an opening at NC State.

I’d be surprised if Chastain wasn’t a candidate for one or both of these jobs.

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Boooooooooo !

Not sure Chapel Hill won’t try to get a current P5 coach. If they offer Chastain, she’s going to get heavy encouragement from a couple other of our current coaches to take the job.

NO !
She belongs to us !
Give her a raise !

Or one of those “secret” extensions :thinking:

clt says give her ron’s bonus


She signed an extension through the 2026 season in 2021.


That was a typical P5 call. Chickens…t call and they knew it when they made it. Oh well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

We can afford a raise, I’m sure. Switching to the AAC should help.

In Durham today, Duke 1 Stanford 3.
Karma’s a bitch, bitches. :smile:

Forecast looks bad and the weather might suck. too.

Edit: Duke’s ace had a no hitter for a long time and then was pulled in the sixth. Must have been “gassed” again.

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Any Stanford fans ejected?

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Probably not a big contingent of Stanford students :laughing: to begin with. Kind of a long road trip.

Edit: I guess school is out, so they would be home and not in Northern California. However, most of them are backpacking through Europe this summer, anyway.

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thinking hard elizabeth holmes GIF by Vulture.com

Duke 2 Stanford 7

No WCWS for Duke. :smile:

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That’s too bad. Now everyone has been thrown out of the stadium.