2024 Baseball - Week 13: Clemson @ Truist Field (ESPN+); at Wichita State (ESPN+)

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Another week, another Top 10 opponent. Clemson is #2 in D1 & #4 in Baseball America.

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Currently we are sitting in 3rd place on our own in the AAC. We go to WSU this week and are hosting Tulane next week.

UTSA hosts USF & go to FAU.

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We let those guys off the hook at their place !
Would be nice to hang an “L” on #2 tonight !
(And not use Wilson or Rossi!)

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clt says we can win this game

clt loved the hat giveaway

clt is damn right.

Taylor looking REALLY good and the bats have shown up tonight as well. Good stuff!


What happened in the bottom of the 8th?! No outs and a man on first with ball four thrown but somehow they called out the runner advancing on the walk?!

Clemson “tagged out” the base runner and then challenged that it was only 3 balls, not 4. They went to replay and apparently overturned the walk so put the batter back in the box on a full count and called the runner out.

Not sure how the refs, niners, and espn+ got the count wrong but Clemson knew it.

Edit: rewatched the bottom of the 8th this morning. The count was accurately 2-1 and right before the 4th pitch the count changes to 3-1, then 3-2 after the pitch. Next pick is then actually ball 3 but I guess only Clemson was paying attention.

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It was ball 3. I guess the scoreboard was wrong and the ump didn’t correct it. I went back and looked at replay.

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Sad Sponge Bob GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

Hindsight is 20:20, but dang Furch…if you let that one bounce, its still a 12-11 lead with 2 outs.

That was the only thing I could come up with and not course we didn’t get an explanation in the stadium.

No hard feelings for the outfielder making that dive. It was close and could have been the game. Oh well!


Great effort!!! But 2nd and 3rd with no outs and we cant get either one in…and Goolsby to pinch hit in that situation? Sounds crazy, but we definitely gave that one away after 8+ innings of great work.

100% on Woody, left fielder probably should have caught that though

clt says we had so many mistakes early

another issue with playing on a grass field?

That game should give our guys some much needed confidence and experience, but that one hurts too.

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