2024 Baseball - Week 6: Davidson @Kannapolis (YouTube); Gardner-Webb (ESPN+); AT FAU (ESPN+)

2 mid-weeks this week and then down to FAU to open AAC play.

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Tickets for tonight:


A new rating system for college baseball, Diamond Sports Ranking debuted today. Here is where the AAC ranks:

24 ECU
50 WSU
61 CLT
66 USF
71 FAU
153 RICE
160 UAB

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Have an extra ticket for tonight if anyone wants it DM.

Could someone tell me what are the buildings behind the outfield in the Kannapolis ball field? Is that at a school?

The way we are playing, how in the world did we beat them 24-1 previously

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Our pitching is trash again today. Considering the opponent, (Davidson sucks bad) this is pathetic. Down 5-2 and counting.

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I think the team just isn’t particularly good this year. Might be a bit of a rebuilding year

clt is in the line for food and drinks, may never return. what a shit show

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Hate losing to Davidson, obviously. Gives certain of our fans something to say, though.

Baseball is a weird game, but our sample size is getting pretty large as is Davidsons (they are not good, at all). It seems we are just a very mediocre team, at best…This appears to be our weakest team since Woodard arrived…our defense in the outfield is also very poor. With our BP, we cant afford that. It seems like we are misplaying hard hit balls out there constantly. Down 8-2 now and still counting.

Pretty sure that’s the nc research institute. It’s a higher education facility that has multiple universities. Charlotte has space there as well as nc state and several other UNC system schools.

Edit: https://ncresearchcampus.net/

Thanks, Loyal, haven’t been back to that area in many years and had no idea of such existing.

Lost 9-3 and looked ROUGH in all facets.

Embarrasing !

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Looked like crap. Was hoping I’d have something to look forward to after a disappointing end to basketball. Also worried about the way things are going in college sports feels like we just can’t have nice things. This isn’t going to be a good season for baseball. I’ll still watch, but not going to get my hopes up. At least I can watch softball.

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My thoughts exactly. I had THOUGHT baseball was becoming the one sport of ours i could count on being really solid…apparently not.

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I knew it would be hard to replace all that we lost last season. I was hoping we would make it work with all the guys that we brought in, but making the jump from JuCo/ HS to D1 baseball has been rough for this group.

I still believe this is a talented group of guys, but many just haven’t played up to expectations to this point. I think we’ll continue to see lots of tinkering with the lineup until we figure out who is going to help us.

The entire conference season is ahead of us, so there is plenty of opportunity to make some noise once we get it figured out.


clt is finally out of the food and drink line!