2024 Charlotte 49er Football 🏈


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Pretty unprofessional to have all the dates wrong.

You’re telling me we have to play two games a day???

You didn’t hear? The new format is football double-headers. Going to put ironman football to shame.


First thought: this isn’t a terrible idea. What do you guys think?

Pros? Cons?


Looking at the schedule I’m only confident in picking a W against Gardner-Webb.

Making a bowl with this schedule will be a miracle


clt is curious to see our win projection from vegas

tough schedule on paper

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We NEED Max Brown to be elite. I am hoping to see potential at the spring game


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The biggest con I see is that is the last weekend of the season is thanksgiving weekend and you’ll have students likely at home.

We won one home game in 2022 one home game in 2023. As a season ticket holder I’d like to walk out of home games with more Ws than that for the money.




Heads up… UC Hilton about to get flooded by Pee Rats.

Also, I’m not telling him that his map is so old that it doesn’t show the hotel on campus.


Was talking to an in-law yesterday who has no connection to CLT, and he told me how often our athletics are brought up on the local sports radio show. They knew all about Biff, all the way from his cut-offs to his connection with Harbaugh, even stated biff sounded like a “good coach”. It was very refreshing to hear a generic sports fan to acknowledge our team. Whether you like Biff or not, you cannot deny the attention he brings to the school.

Along with this, I believe 2025 is the year we escape portal dependencies and see top-tier recruits heading to Charlotte. Some may call this obsessive, but I looked through Brews Twitter/X likes + replies, he is in the loop with some highly sought after 2025’s. I am very excited to see what’s in store for us all.

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What happens if you don’t renew by April 11? Will price go up or you just might not get the same seats?

I’ve already renewed mine but I suspect nothing will happen as demand isn’t super high to push you out.

If someone is looking to upgrade, they can take your seats and you have to look elsewhere. Thats about it.