2024 College Basketball Portal 💻

Dalen Berry is the first player on our team to enter the transfer portal. Opens up a scholarship for a shooter.


DJ really gone???

Where did you hear/read this?


300K will make you do things like that.

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Is that what hes getting? Doubt it. If he asked for 300k, we should have told him to go. Like him but not worth that and almost certainly not getting it

No doubt he can command big dollars for a Power 5 team in need of a center.

Dont under estimate the arrogance and unlimited funds his next school has. Not asked offered.


Freaking Vanderbilt has stated they have a 7 million dollar BB NIL fir 2024 - 2025!! Blow it up!!!

clt says people complained about players only getting scholarships, housing, exclusive training facilities, food, etc.

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I am just about done caring about college sports. I cannot support this nonsense.

I don’t really like what Jay Bilas has become, but his notion to have these players sign multi year contracts is probably one of the few things that could save college sports fandom.


What’s our NIL fund looking like for this upcoming team?

I hate the “new world” of NIL and the portal.
It will eventually kill interest and then viewership.
Model is unsustainable in my opinion

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Well into 6 figures at the moment

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2 days in and 1 of my 4 is already gone. I was told I must live a miserable life for accurately describing the current landscape of college basketball. Hopefully I’m wrong about the other 3.

He may have only been 1 of the 4, but he will be the hardest to replace in my opinion.