2024 College Football 🏈

See that Jayhawks will play home games at two venues in Kansas City metro during stadium renovations in Lawrence - Arrowhead for Big XII contests and MLS’s Sporting KC stadium for OOC foes:


This could be put in a general recruiting thread, but we really don’t have one. This seems appropriate.

clt asks who was bringing cakes and snacks into the croots rooms?

We are probably one of the schools leaving cakes and snacks while Chapel Hill and those types leave cash and whores.

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clt says don’t forget free shoes and classes

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Four Big 12 teams have higher subsidies than we do.

Well, they have higher bills, so…

Actually we are tied with Colorado at $31.9M.
The three higher than us - UCF, Cinci, and Houston - are from our relative “echelon.” They are what Charlotte perhaps could have been had we gotten football earlier.

Interesting that Auburn has a higher subsidy than us. I’d’ve assumed otherwise.



Healy to Ga State.


I wish him nothing but the best. He has holes in his resume and he seems to be working on fixing them.


This is disturbing.

I am glad someone finally said this. A big portion of the reason some of these programs get higher viewership is what channel a game is being shown on. It never gets discussed. Comparing CBS or ESPN primetime slot viewership to an ESPN+ noon game is not apples to apples regardless of the teams involved.

Put the Niners on a 7pm Saturday kickoff on national TV and we will blow away our own prior viewership records. Doesn’t matter if we aren’t UGA or OSU or Michigan.


Didn’t the MD game pull a decent number?

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It did. It pulled much much higher numbers than we are used to. I posted about it I think in the game thread.


I think that’s my hope with the breakaway. They leave and our new partners give the leftovers good time slots on national networks and show that the non national brands can be if given the same access.


I keep going back to how ESPN tried to marginalize pretty much the entire American League besides Boston & NY 20+ years ago. It was so transparent what they were doing. That’s the last time serious talks about MLB contraction took place. And it was all because of their manipulation.

Fast forward and a lot of “small market” teams are fully viable.

Same bullshit is going on with CFB now. Same culprit.