2024 Summer Olympics in Paris 🥇

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I just hope the riots continue in Paris so we can watch something of interest during the games.

What riots are you referring to?

I think it is the Parliamentary elections riots. Not a big issue yet. Could be a problem later but few of us here understand how their government and elections work anyway.

  1. It’s Paris, there’s always riots.
  2. Like nineroize said, current riots are about the elections.

Well, figured there be some sort of reaction post election - especially if Le Pen and her cronies had won - but still haven’t found a credible news source that’s reporting anything about riots.

Anyway, have been reading up on both the France and UK elections in an attempt to understand French and British electoral events.

Watched an interesting episode of American Experience tonight about the US 8-man rowing team that won gold at the 1936 Olympics. Have to admit most of my knowledge of that Olympiad revolves around Jesse Owens winning 4 T&F gold medals.

That American rowing team was made up of Wazzu students who not only upset the favored (and de facto professional) German and Italian teams in Berlin but also the dominant Ivy League teams during the US trials.

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Learning all sorts of new stuff today. Didn’t realize Colin Jost was an avid surfer, so this makes sense. Not sure if wife Scarlett will accompany him to the South Pacific. :surfing_man: :palm_tree:


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Same guys as The Boys in the Boat?

Solid flick by the way.

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Yes, it is. :+1:

clt asks why no pics of scarlett?

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