2025 Charlotte Softball 🥎




Man, thats some high priced talent !


Well, we know we will have a strong SOS again.



Looks like we will get 5 games in this Invitational. What a way to start the season!!


Yikes. I clicked on the schedule and just glanced at it and saw the Tar Holes listed. Thought it was the worst name confusion ever until I noticed it was the 24 schedule and not the 25 :rofl: Looks like some games were canceled this season. I thought February in Florida is the dry season, but maybe not.
I hope we have some strong help for Sam in the circle.
We are going to need it, not only for this tournament, but for the season overall.

It looked like the staff was getting comfortable with Becker down the stretch. She could make a jump with a full offseason. Bowling was showing promise until she had a health issue. They could bring in an arm from the portal. I’m not sure exactly who we have coming in in this freshman class.

Yes, it’s a long offseason and lots could happen, both good and bad.

I thought we were bringing in a left handed arm for next year.

I see in my handy crystal ball that the verdict of whether the offseason will be good or bad is in.


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Looking ahead. This is going to be a total rebuild.

I believe that yesterday was the deadline to enter the softball transfer portal. I would expect to see many of our players in the portal, since we currently do not have any coaches.

It sounds like Ritchie will be returning, but I’m not sure of who else at the moment.

Hopefully we will have a coach SOON, and they can load up on players from the portal.


Apparently we have 12 players in the portal, so that leaves 6 or 7 on our roster.

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As bad as I feel for the few diehard fans, I feel much worse for Mike Hill. He’s really in no better of a situation than when he had to fire the previous coach except that expectations are going to be much higher this time around. We can be disgusted and walk away. He can’t

Who are the 12 ?

Sure he can…

But this is what he and our fans say they want…they all say they want a coach that gets hired away for being successful.

Welp…here ya go.

Be careful what you wish for.

Here’s what I have found:

20 Arianna Rodi UTL- ?
9 Sam Gress RHP- USC
15 Lexi Winters C - USC
25 Lena Elkins RHP- Texas Tech
2 Ella Chancey INF- ?
22 Abigail Knight UTL-?
50 Mary Grace Beyer INF
6 Kaylin Garlick OF


16 Taylor Barlow RHP
44 Kadie Becker RHP
5 Rayna Blackwell C
32 Brooke Bowling RHP
3 London Dirks OF
7 Savanna Nguyen INF
33 Teagan Ritchie INF (appears to be staying)?
14 Christina Wellen OF
10 Olivia Williams OF


12 Emma Tisdale INF (retired)

Ashley is Mike Hill’s best hire by far. She proved you can win, and win big here in a short time. This job is now attractive to coaches who want to move up the ladder.


Boy, I hate losing Chancey and Knight as well. Next year’s Gamecock team may look a lot like last year’s Niners. Yep, need to hit a home run coaching hire to keep our momentum going.

I don’t have a subscription, but for $14.99 you can find out the candidates.