3 Year Contract Extension for Alan Major


NEWS: #Charlotte49ers give Alan Major 3-year contract extension.

Commence NNN meltdown in 5…4…3…2…1

I cannot believe this. I am no major hater but good lord!

Well, if you cotton to the theory that a coach without a contract can’t recruit, then this should improve recruiting for us…right?

I’m not really surprised. We’re almost at the point where you believe or fire. With the pieces that have been brought in, I feel better about our future than I did not to long ago.

I’m curious about any potential ways out of this deal.

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NEWS: #Charlotte49ers give Alan Major 3-year contract extension.[/quote]

Lock the thread now. JK

Wow. I’m by no stretch a Major hater but can’t agree with a 3 year extension at this juncture. Wow.

lol’ing at all the haters on this. not understanding all the complete disrespect that he is getting year after year. is a 21 win season with freshmen and sophomores not making people happy? Is Braxton and all the other great recruits we are getting not making people happy? You people need to learn to be accepting. This guy is BUILDING a program. look at how much progress the staff has made lately. We will be a big time program very soon, and an extension is part of the deal that he needs to keep building

Unbelievable. What a dumb risk to take.

This is much better than a 5 year extension. Honestly this is probably the right thing to do.

Run off 3 players from a 21 win season, guaranteeing next year sucks, & that gets you a 3 yr. ext? Are Judy & Phil on crack or heroin? :o

So this means he is locked up for 5 more years??? He has 2 years left on the orig deal and now three on top of that?

Should help immensely with 2014 recruiting.

Bahahahaha. We deserve it.


[quote=“NinerWupAss, post:12, topic:27813”]So this means he is locked up for 5 more years??? He has 2 years left on the orig deal and now three on top of that?[/quote]Correct.

Too long IMO - I could see 2 years. 3 is a bit much. If he sucks next year and then the transfers dont get things turned around we are on the hook for 3 more. I don’t like that.

The logical read on this is that The players that left were malcontents and the AD really likes the way Major runs the program. I wonder if logic applies here though. Time will tell.

Not a hater but Major needs some pressure next year. I think a 3 year extension is quite the opposite.

Agreed. This is ridiculous. If you MUST extend him two years would be plenty. I also would like to see how they wrote this. I hope they kept the Lutz tragedy in mind when they wrote it, but probably not.