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Take the BS someplace else guys.


Agreed! ^ They are acting like immature children, look like fools on this board over nothing.

Could lead Foster/Williams to stay put. FWIW I am typing this as I stand in Boone, NC

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Did you make a wrong turn??

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Give me a break…read the guys post, talking crap to me just because I posted about a recruit change. I didn’t start this pissin contest…I’m sure when someone starts crap with you guys out of the blue, you won’t reply.

I am sorry that I was mean to u

Yes, at Valle Crucis :grinning:

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If a recruit had changed his mind in MBB then Mean Joe would be ALL OVER IT.

You need to be up on his current agenda.

Wah Wah. Why wouldn’t I be? Basketball has a loser coach and a handful of players, AND NO STARS. But go on, enlighten me about what agenda is most current.

Also. Is this you? If so, you are pretty hot


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Have we heard anything official on the kid from ASU?

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I think he had an Instagram post that indicated he was on a visit to Purdue last week & he still has nothing Charlotte related on his Twitter account. I would guess he’s not coming at this point.

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We have so many great guys on board, why give a flaky QB any worries? You definitely don’t want another flaky QB. One of our past flaky QB’s was an embarrassment that very likely should be doing hard time right now.

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Does that mean we’re paying Healy to work for UCF?

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Impressive transfer up for him. Didn’t see that coming.

I hope he gets to play……

All I saw from Williams was a QB that could play his game impressively

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Transfer loophole could play to our advantage here!:grin::rofl:…… get coached up by a great QB coach, Gus Malzone and he can transfer back without sitting out!:grin::sunglasses:

That’s interesting. He moves to an SEC team?