49er Golf ⛳


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clt says 4 under for the day now.

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Might win this thing

One more day and then match play for top 4 qualifiers?

Think so. Decent day tomorrow and we’re in good shape for Match Play

One stroke up on Middle Tennessee in the final round - keep it up guys!

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I type that and we go a stroke down. Still looking good in 2nd place assuming match play awaits.

Looks like we’re in good shape to advance. I would assume no way to watch tomorrow…

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Up 2 strokes with 3 holes to go. Go Niners!

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Jumped the gun a bit
looks like they won the team stroke part by one stroke. Moving to Match play as top seed tomorrow.


Really solid play by everyone on the team.

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Match play scoreboard

Looks like we’ve won one and lost one. Need to get the close ones

Both matches are very close. Gonna come down to the end for all 4 teams.

Middle and LaTech appear to have finished tied.

LaTech wins the extra hole and advances.

Down to the wire. One up going to 18

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Niners 3-2