49ers Men's Soccer ⚽

Damn. JMU is having a hell of an athletics run this year.



clt laughs at the clempson fans trying to understand msoc

glad we beat them in baseball, let’s do it again

They probably understand the three national championships they’ve won.

Clemson goal. Tigers 1-0.


Not sure we could beat these guys if we were full strength, but it would have been nice to find out.
I had to cut the sound on this match after 30 seconds. I forgot about their damned band playing the whole time.

And the announcers are terrible.

Clemson goal - 2-0.

I really wish just once they would make these teams come play us at home.

Didn’t we lose at Clemson to end the season like 2 years ago?

Clemson goalie literally just tackled Morales from behind as he was about to score and no foul…WTF?

We didn’t convert the chances we had and the no calls just compounded the issue.

Shitty ending to a great year.

Yes. That year we lost in OT on a golden goal. Clemson “scored” 3 times in the first half and fireworks went off. They were offside each time. Pretty funny. IIRC, they were ranked #1 at the time.

I believe that was the year Gunn brought his Stanford side to Clemson and advanced past the Tigers on a PK shootout, much to my approval. Clemson had the ACC player of the year and he missed his PK. :roll_eyes:

Conference Champions. Second round NCAA. Great season. Come back and get em next year!



Frustrating end to a very good season. Proud of the guys.

Stop favoring ACC teams in seeding though. Make them actually have to play road games.

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clt says this was a top 5 team

  • rain games hurt our rpi, which was still 14
  • the second yellow card against hopi was brutal
    -f clempson
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November 26 3 PM
Stanford at Marshall.