49ers Men's Soccer ⚽

clt says this was a top 5 team

  • rain games hurt our rpi, which was still 14
  • the second yellow card against hopi was brutal
    -f clempson
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November 26 3 PM
Stanford at Marshall.

No more AAC teams in the College Cup. SMU scored first, but Oregon State won 7-1. Ouch!

I’ve been distracted and forgot to check on this match until now. I notice Little Green Fuckhead hasn’t come on here to alert us of the result. :smile:


Watched the replay of the first half and a little of the second. The announcers made note of the fact that Chris Grassie (and some other college coaches) recruits internationally and brings in guys who could only marginally be considered college freshmen. Also made note of the fact that Gunn recruits mostly here in the USA and is not a fan of Grassie’s style. Interesting.