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Only place I have ever seen a Blue/Gray tiger.

Simple and classy = boring

If it’s something that you change fairly often, get creative. Do a huge norm inside the arc.

Count me in the traditionalist when it comes to basketball floors. Not a big fan of the crazy designs some schools have used. It looks very minor league IMO


We should have tried gold turf for our football field, it would have bought a lot of attention to our program, and maybe some national exposure on sports center

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Some people like white walls and some like color. To each their own.

This is from a high school near my hometown in Pittsburgh, imagine our new C logo in green in the center of the field, green end zones, with white lettering and black outlines

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I do wish we had marked the 49 yard line In gold - if that’s a legal thing to do

Looks like real turf after the grass died. Or simulated dirt.


One time back in the mid 90s, NCSU hosted Tarheels after Thanksgiving and they did not overseed Carter-Finley for winter and the field looked gold since the warm season grass was dormant.

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Im in favor of whatever court/firld the recruits like the most.


Maybe a darker colored gold shade would have been better
GOLD AstroTurf Field for Belle Vernon Area High School

NC State using a ghost in the backfield has gotta be an unfair advantage. I imagine he’s damn near impossible to tackle


This whole thread:


That dude is about as delusional as some of our fans


That “Herd tweet” is crap…Who does this guy think USF is?..there is very little difference between USF and Charlotte. In fact, IF we had started football when they did, we would have likely gotten the call up instead of them back in 2005, as most of our sports were better (certainly basketball was) I realize we didn’t start fball then, but still…they must be dreaming.


randy orton summerslam 06 GIF by WWE

clt says the hulkster is usf’s most famous alum

Yep. If the big 12 expands again, I’d put them at probably 4th most likely to get a call behind memphis, smu, and Boise. Maybe even behind someone like Colorado state.

USFs only appeal, as near as I can make out, is as a travel partner for UCF. I don’t see anything else they bring to the table that other teams don’t offer as well or better.

Big 12 money doesn’t need travel partners.

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