Aaron Fearne Named Charlotte's 14th Men's Basketball Head Coach


clt says Ron sucks!

let’s go Fearne!!

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clt says describe your excitement level



Battlefield promotion, good move


He’s really made chicken salad out of what we all thought was chicken :poop: this year. He has certainly earned this.

He is easy for me to support as our head basketball coach.


With what Fearne has done and a contract of only " up to" $750K it us a hell of a good deal for us.

Wonder what the buyout is? If he continues to have success, hate to lose him to a richer conference (watkins as an example).

Probably a pretty standard base x years left.

Will be interesting to see how the season plays out and if any assistant moves are made in the offseason.

I wonder how the congratulatory call from Sanchez to Fearne will go? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not a bad move at a great price. The move happened a little early, but if he was fielding other calls then it makes sense. There is plenty of capital still out there for raises if the performance continues to go up. This offseason will be very interesting because no way you make a move like this without sitting with Fearne and hearing the plan. I just hope he can fire up recruiting as well as he did the fan base. Put some legit athletes with skill in a couple of spots and we would have a really good team.

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clt says get the bloomin onion, obviously. then alice springs chicken with a baked tater

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$750 is to low. Contract should be a min of $1M.

What are the salaries of the other AAC coaches, we need to be competitive there?

Why would we pay more if we can get him for 700k though



He doesn’t even have a full year yet of D1 head coaching experience. I don’t care how good this year has been…it’s still only a partial year to judge him from.

You do NOT pay him like established/experienced coaches at all.

Based on his experience level…he 100% deserves a lower half salary in this Conference at this point.

I believe UNT is paying Hodge 700k, Schwartz is 900k (but think some of that is booster paid as state database shows it at 500k. Kennedy at UAB is a million and Dusty May is at 1.25 million which was have that before the Final Four run.

The 750k is a good starting point as if he adds to the success next year then you can easily bump that number up even more.


He accepted “up to $750k” so it sounds to me like we paid the right price.