Aaron Fearne Named Charlotte's 14th Men's Basketball Head Coach

Sounds like performance incentives to me Bob!


If you watched the TV show Frasier in the early 2000s, you will recognize Fearne as Frasier’s dad and Sanchez as Niles Crane.





What jumps out like a hooker from a Birthday cake is that Fearne coaches with emotion. Ron’s signature was his LACK of emotion. From him, his players, or the fans. In fact, he seemed to coach his players AWAY from emotions and toward THE SYSTEM! I was watching Fearne’s NTSU postgame, and if I recall correctly, it was at about the 4:35 mark that he was talking about the “power” the team could “feel together.” Watch his hands! He FEELS it and he wants his players and the fans and the community to feel it. THAT’S what we’ve been missing! Ron wanted to “install systems”; Arron wants to install an emotion. A feeling. I’m not the biggest Lutz fan on here, but you gotta say, Bobby coached with feeling! I predict that we’re about to get back to that. And really, for those of you with too much time on your hands, go back to the North Texas postgame. Minute 4:35. Watch what happens to his hands. Telling body language!

What’s your anonymous opinion?
  • Great hire! Im stoked! 40-9ers!!!
  • I hope he does well. Im not getting excited until we make the dance.
  • I think Hill rushed the hire. There is no reason to hire him until after the season was over.
  • I don’t like the hire. I think we could have hired a better coach with a proven record
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Very well said Earlyniner. Opposit of you, I may be the biggest Lutz fan on here for the some of the same reasons it appears we both support Fearne.

He can truly coach.
He has emotion and his players & fans feed off of.
I love watching him coach the game.
He stimulates a great atmosphere in the arena.
He exudes confidence.
With Fearne (like Lutz) on the sideline, I believe we always have a chance to win.
First coach I believe in since Lutz.

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I love Fearne but did hear something interesting today. Seems like Fearne needs to improve on building relationships. Personally, I do not think it is intentional on Fearne’s part, but something he should be more aware of.

Another conversation I had was on Dinkins. Was talking about Dinkins seems more involved on the bench this year . The comment was made, Dinkins is probably a big reason in the improvement of the team this year.

That’s a pretty low thing to post without citing a source.


Perhaps surprisingly, I agree with every point you make about Lutz and his coaching. My rap, which will be like chalk on the black board (go figure… my generation wrote on black boards!) has much more to do with the non-basketball stuff he was throwing out. He was in an environment of “Ladies and Gentlemen”. One can buy in on that or not, like it or not… but that was the way it was. Just reread the above. I should think of another expression for “rap”. It’s not “my ‘rap’” that’s important here. I must admit that my generation (and I) were raised in a more genteel setting. The point is that Bobby was not “not renewed” because he didn’t know basketball or how to inspire; he was not renewed because he did not fit the culture that those in power were trying to instill. So we got Price, Major, Sanchez. Think about it. We got what somebody thought was the answer. Now…in my opinion, we have a leader who can both incite emotion AND at least lean into that Mr. Clean Jeans that Charlotte requires. If you think this city would tolerate Caliper, I’m glad you’re not the AD!

I also agree that just about every point you made about Fearne’s coaching can be applied to Bobby. So maybe we’re getting a “more polished” Bobby.

I really do not think it is a big deal. Winning is most important. It was probably someone who wanted Aaron to schmooze him.

Fearne. It’s Australian For Basketball.

We need this shirt.


Have conversed with Aaron a number of times and at length. No idea what that “building relationships” comment is/was about. He is easy to talk to, honest in his answers and spends time to know you.
Wife and daughter are extremely nice as well.

Good dude. Good family. Great hire.


The man had a mess turned over to him in June, then alot of push back from some fans on his hiring.
He’s focused on bringing these guys together as a team and building a program. He probably hasnt had a lot of free time to shake hands and kiss babies :call_me_hand:


Someone on the discord chat said he had been reaching out to boosters/donors all year thanking them for their support, so it seems he’s doing the right things. :man_shrugging:


BigTime Niner and I were at a FB game and Coach was there. We gave a simple Good Luck Coach shout to him as we were walking by. He could have easily just waved and said thanks but he took the time to walk over to us and engage with us and said he was excited about the season and needed our support moving forward. Now interchange Ron Ron or Major in that scenario and then tell me how it would have played out. Ferane intuitively understands what is required of him and this job and this is not an attribute that a lot of Coaches naturally have.

Edit: I was with BigTime Niner and everyone knows he has the cash flow to straighten this whole thing out ( NIL, facilities, upgrades ) but refuses to do it up to this point so maybe Fearne sensed that and it changed the dynamic some.

When he was at the tailgate with Jeff and Bobby and said they were gonna run a modern offense it made me so happy. I just didn’t have a lot of faith he could do it.