Adjehi Baru 2011 C - Steward School (VA)

Va Tech is looking at him, so I’m guessing this is an Odom recruit. Plays AAU for Team Loaded. Played for DC Assault previously.

I’m guessing we are mentioned in this article:

Rivals - 3 stars

Scout - no stars

ESPN - 40 rating (has not been evaluated yet)

plays AAU with Tyler Lewis.


Baru Adjehi, C, Team Loaded – In our first look of this 6-foot-9, 215-pound big man we walked away impressed. With the lack of big men in the 2011 class, we expect this name to become a popular one sooner rather than later. Adjehi has a 7-foot-4 wing span and he certainly uses it on the defensive end, as he’s an impressive shot blocker. He also run the floor very well, has a good set of hands and is extremely active.

You’ve been all over recruiting lately moss, I like it.

I’m guessing it is hard to get a handle on who our targets are at this point, since anybody the old staff was going after probably isn’t on our radar.

Yeah, not easy. I’m hoping this is an Odom target, but it may take some time to figure that out.

Yeah Moss has been all over it, but MAN, lose the HC face pic PLEASE! Holy Cow!

Just confirmed with Evan Daniels at that Charlotte’s interest was from Lutz & Co., so we’ll have to wait and see if the new regime keeps up with him.

scout update

For a guy who is very new to the States and the game in general, he’s pretty good. It helps that he’s playing with [url=]Tyler Lewis[/url], one of the most user-friendly point guards around. Baru’s two best attributes are almost mutually exclusive to young centers and a rare combination: he’s a good shot blocker and passer. His length is an asset. While he doesn’t have much original offense (he could stand to develop one go-to move) he runs and is smart enough to know that Lewis will throw him as many alley-oops as he can catch. He’s a high-energy center.

4 star now at 71st overall (6th best C)

ranked #53 by Rivals in their latest top 150.

Telep tweeted he has a 7ft 5in wingspan, ridiculous.

do we know if Major’s crew is still recruiting him?

we need to throw the playing time angle at him on a constant basis. also, not to get off track but does anybody know what schools fields is looking at. he would be a good add for one year assuming he knows that he isn’t going to start.

that I’m not sure of. I would like to think we are. He seems to have a good feel for playing with Tyler Lewis in the highlights I’ve seen recently.

Dang, Ed Davis out of a private Richmond School and now this guy. This school is like 5 miles from my house. HUGE private school (at least from an building prospective). Looks nice from the road. Anyway, hopefully we’re looking at this guy. Was looking at the school for my daughter until I realized I’d be spending college tuition money on kindergarten.

#81 in ESPN’s new Top 100 ranking for 2011 class.

[size=9pt]Adjehi Baru ’11, PF, Steward School (VA)[/size][/size][size=9pt]
Height & Weight: 6’9, 215lbs
Wingspan & Reach: 7’5, 9’1
PPG & High: 7.0, 12 (3gms)
Even though he only played in three games, the Ivory Coast native made his mark at NBPA Top 100 Camp. First off, his measureables are ridiculous, as his 7’5 wingspan—eight inches more than his height—was tops in camp and his 9’1 reach was second best. A strong and sturdy big man with a developing jumpshot, Baru plays 100% at all times and works hard on both ends of the floor. Baru is a superb shot blocker and rebounder who runs the floor and can also put the ball in the hoop. He has an extremely high ceiling, as he is still developing as a player.[/size][size=9pt]

Do like. This player is very relevant to my interests.

Yo tambien. Howeva, I’m not sure if we’re even in the running right now.

Sounds like a Ngoundjo with a more developed offensive game.