Alternatives to the Bookstore

Tired of fighting the bookstore. They are horrible. If you give them your money, you are contributing to the problem.

Let’s make a thread to help out everybody that’s making Charlotte gear that is NOT the bookstore so that people can find it. Maybe we can thread it, or make a tab or something on here so that people can see.

I can think of:
Norm’s Closet
John Frate store
704 shop
Glory Days Apparel
Agent 49 Store
Grand Slam Club
Friends of 49er golf
Varsity Partners store

Please feel free to add and subtract as needed. We need to help people out that are growing the brand and force the bookstore to get better.


I might have a few more shirts and designs on the way FWIW


Awesome! There was just an entire group in my section last night openly discussing how they wanted to buy a shirt last night, but everything at the bookstore kiosk was either ugly, overpriced, or not available in their size. How are we already sold out of things for game 1? I asked them if they were members here or at a49. They were not. Didn’t want to rehash the same arguments with the same people, but it’s not that.

We can’t afford to have the entire city on campus and Barnes and noble muck it up, as they do over, and over and over again.

The excuses are tired.

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The dad hats at Dicks are what I have been asking for since the logo reveal. Simple, affordable, good quality.

Someone else posted links to them. There’s a regular and a stretch version. They look good in person. .




They have some other decent new logo gear too, though it’s mixed in with old logo gear on their site.

This really shouldn’t be so hard.

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I mentioned my visit to the bookstore yesterday in another thread, but it was embarrassing. The items available were extremely limited. Very few Nike choices. Very few items with a full run of sizes. I kept finding the same 3 or 4 items spread out all over the store; almost like it was filler for space. Very few gift items. I am so glad I didn’t go in there with friends or family looking for gear. That would have made the experience even more embarrassing. Whoever is managing that store is totally inept and needs to be demoted or removed.

I’ve heard B&N are de-vesting themselves from bookstores and fanatics are starting to move in. Fanatics has the infrastructure to do online retail and brick and mortar. Mike Hill needs to find a way to break our contract with B&N immediately and get fanatics up and running by next summer. Hill cannot defend what B&N are doing with our retail experience.

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Mentioned this in the gear thread…

The bookstore should be the go to place for apparel on game day. Completely shocking to me we don’t have basic “game day” t shirts available for $5-$10 at the bookstore like many other schools do. Nothing fancy, just white or green with our all in C logo. Getting consistent gear out to fans should be a top priority. Game Day T-shirt’s shouldn’t be about profit, just getting more gear to the fans.

I’m nitpicking here…. But it always bothers me seeing our fans in the stands wearing such drastic apparel ( shades of green, etc.). AD needs to do better, fixing this issue helps build brand/logo.

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I think ADs hands are tied. The bookstore is subsidized by B and N. There is no Darwinism, there is no reason to succeed or even want to do well.

Barnes and noble is giving up on college bookstores though. That’s our only hope.

Socialism doesn’t work folks.

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All the baseball hats in the stands last night was awesome, but also an indictment.

One of my top 30 favorite “why the hell is it like this at this University?” Topics.

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Anyone notice the duke sideline guy wearing tenn orange with the duke name? I thought that was a little odd.

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Lots of teams do this. Have a guy wear a bright color signaling in plays or whatever. Makes it easier for the guys on the field to find him


Fanatics branded stuff is absolute crap quality.

Good looks. Been waiting for this hat

Another reason for stadium expansion. Build a team store attached to the stadium.


I thought the same thing. Of course, I live in Knoxville.

If I was in charge, I’d make it neon yellow or green.

Yes, highly visible team store is needed. I would love to also see one right along 29, inside or near the hotel.

But who’s going to run and supply merchandise for that team store? If it’s the bookstore, then no thanks. I just still can’t understand why we can’t get simple Nike with our logo on it. We have a contract with them. We’re a Nike school. Why can’t we get Nike gear? What’s the point of having a contract with them if they won’t supply us with gear. It’s beyond frustrating.

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Not sure about tintins comment, but fanatics has a good bit of nice gear online, including polo shirts and pullovers.

Great selection, poor quality.