Andrew Luck to stay for one more year at Stanford.
Ugh. So what now fellow Panther fans? :frowning:

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Ugh. So what now fellow Panther fans? :([/quote]

Hope for a lockout that wipes all of next season. We draft Bowers or Green this year and maintain #1 slot next year and take Luck.

OK that is wishful thinking I know…

that sucks

Is that really how the draft would work if there’s a lockout?

I cannot freaking believe this. You can say anything you want about quarterbacks not being a sure thing, but this guy had ALL the intangibles. You can’t really say that about any of the top quarterbacks taken who failed. I truly believed having Luck meant we wouldn’t have to think about another quarterback for the next 12 years. The impact this has on the team for the next decade cannot be underestated.

People say that about all the top QBs taken that failed.

Actually they don’t. When I say intangibles I’m not talking about physical abilities. I’m talking about the intelligence, the personality, the leadership qualities. Over the years quarterbacks taken #1 overall who have failed were praised for their physical attributes, not those things.

Actually they don’t. When I say intangibles I’m not talking about physical abilities. I’m talking about the intelligence, the personality, the leadership qualities. Over the years quarterbacks taken #1 overall who have failed were praised for their physical attributes, not those things.[/quote]



The draft is going to be held for 2011 regardless of the work stoppage that may come later in the year, and I think that there is a 99.99% chance that a season will be played next fall even if it is a shortened one. Panthers have a huge dilemma, and I’m really not sure what Luck is holding out for. The top draft pick is going to get whatever the rookie max is going to be set to wheter it’s 2011, 2012, or 2013. So why wait until 2012 and risk injury and lowering your stock by returning for one more year of college? The ONLY reason to go back would be if there was almost a surety of having no season, because he would not get paid then. Even then, his stock would not drop any effectively sitting out the season. I really don’t understand the decision by him.

Well heck, go lockout then. Though its not out of the question we won’t tank again next year and pick him up if we don’t get Clausen off the helm.

Probably a dumb question, but I assume it’s against NCAA rules for the Panthers to try and persuade Luck to enter the draft? That is, in more direct ways than just publicly making their position known.

On paper, yes. Several articles and FAQ’s that I have seen on this subject have stated that the remainder of the owners likely would object heavily to having the order be the same for two consecutive seasons when no football has been played on the field, and something would done to make it fair for all teams. Some have suggested that they would use a record over the previous 4-5 seasons and make the 2012 draft order from that record should there be no 2011 season. As I said above, I think there is almost no chance that that the lockout will cancel the season. Some football will be played of some kind. The NFL has used replacement players before, and with the amount of money in play there is little doubt that they will do it again to help cut their losses.

As a diehard Broncos fan I just want to say…HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

and then I remember we traded 3 picks for Tebow… :-X

Only an absolute retard would risk the kind of money he stands to make. Murphy’s Law.

Well, to be fair, the Panthers aren’t obligated to care what rules the NCAA has.

Luck could get in trouble, I suppose.

Any chance he changes his mind if Harbaugh leaves? He has until the 15th to change his mind.

I’ll add, he is claiming he wants to stay in school to earn his architectural degree. I think that’s wonderful that he wants to earn his degree, however, you can go back and do that at anytime even if you snap your knee in six places. Something tells me this guy has never watched million dollar money drop.

I agree but this becomes a much easier decision to make when you’re not an inner-city youth, from a broken family and struggling to help your mom put food on the table. Luck is a very smart kid who doesn’t have any difficulties in the classroom and good grades probably come to him quite easily. The same will likely apply to him in the real world if he were not able to play football. He has too much character and is too gifted to not be successful.

Sure, making millions, particularly with a fat signing bonus is nice and the path I would not hesitate to take. But I just don’t think some people put the same value on staying in school as others do. And sure, the pending lockout/signing bonus ambiguity doesn’t help so Luck is probably playing it safe.

No doubt he could tear his knee apart in his first game next year and blow his chances of being the first overall pick and having a fat bank account. Or he could have a fluke season where he underperforms and drops in the draft but I can’t really fault him for staying in school. I think more kids should but most with that kind of athletic talent need the quick fix on their financials and opt to leave. I believe he’ll end up having another stellar season and remain a 1st round pick for the following season.

But I’m with you, it’s a no-brainer in my book. I’d already be shopping for my first Ferrari and European vacation home. I wonder just how much the lockout played into this though. If there were never any talk of it, I’m inclined to believe he may have left but guess we’ll never know.

Another way to look at this is the lock-out could allow him to accomplish all of his goals. He could be the #1 draft, get millions, and continue school (as a student, not student-athlete) while the NFL is hashing out its issues.