Another Transfer

Here we can put them all in one thread so we don’t have to create new ones each time.

Charlotte 49ers head coach Alan Major announced that Marcus Bryan will be transferring.

“We want to thank Marcus for all his efforts this past season,” Major said. “We wish him nothing but the best as he seeks his future opportunities.”

This past season, Bryan saw action in 31 games. He averaged 3.5 points and 2.4 rebounds per game. He recorded two double-figure scoring games.

“I would like to thank Coach Major, the staff, and my teammates for their support during my time at Charlotte,” Bryan said. “However, I feel it is in my best interest to head in a different direction at this time.”

The 49ers return starting forward six-foot-nine Willie Clayton, who ranked among the nation’s leaders in rebounding last season, and starting center six-foot-eleven Mike Thorne, who recorded five double-doubles and 14 double-figure scoring games last season. Six-foot-nine forward Cameron Blakely saw action in 15 games off the bench last season. The 49ers welcome six-foot-eight forward Bernard Sullivan, who sat out this past season after transferring from Clemson University, to the 2014-15 roster.

The 49ers finished this past season with a 17-14 record, captured the Puerto Rico Tip-Off title and earned a first-round bye in the Conference USA Tournament.

Had potential in my opinion. Was this purely a matter of playing time?

Hearing UNCW from people close to him. Sounds like he just wanted to try a different school. Don’t think there was any bad blood here between him and staff

Sokool? Paging Sokool? Come in. Over.

Happens. Liked his game as a freshman though. Had good bball iq and played hard. Could be really solid by the time his career is done.

i liked a lot of things about his game. had a very good mid-range game and was fundamentally solid but i imagine this has to be because of playing time. he was a good role player but was never going to start. hopefully we can land a fifth-year transfer.


I hope he ends up in a good place. But like Evic, I felt he had something to give to the team going forward.

Major has now lost more of his own recruits than Bobby’s players.

dun, dun, dun, dun, Another one bites the dust.

I wonder when we lose a transfer, after their sit out year. That will be real embarassing if someone who sat out a year goes to D2 rather than playing for us in their 1st year eligible.

I liked Bryan but transfers are just the name of the game now. Why stay with a team on the bench when you can get one more year of development and give yourself another year of college?

The majority of the players we are losing are rotational players, not guys at the end of the bench. I get that there are more transfers now than before and when it is because of lack of playing time or a coaching change it is understandable. When you keep losing rotational guys you recruited at a 2 a year clip I just don’t think that is healthy for a program.

Transfer rate nationally is at like 34%. The real question is out of those 34% how many experienced a coaching change that impacted their decision and how many were not playing. That would give us a true number to compare where we are today.

So is Sullivan and 2nd year Blakely better than 1st year Bryan and 1st year Blakely? That’s the big question. Yes it would be better with all three but we may still be better off in this area than last year. Yes I am trying to spin this for my own mental health. Dammit this sucks.

I would assume Bryan saw Sullivan as a huge threat and basiaclly realized I will be battling for the fourth big man spot for the next couple of years. Didn’t want to do that and I can’t blame him. Good luck. I think he could be a decent college player.

I liked Bryan’s mid-range game and positional awareness on the floor. He played better than most freshmen and I hate to lose him. While it remains to be seen if our team is actually getting better, I think it is a truism that better teams generally give each player less minutes because they are deeper. We seem to be getting deeper without the corresponding payoff of wins and post-season play. If we can sync that up it will be a big reason for a kid like Bryan to stay and enjoy the success. Maybe it is a chicken or the egg scenario, but right now we are still just selling the dream.

If we are ever going to get over the hump and really make an impact in February/March, we have to stop losing solid role-player guys like Bryan, E. Vic., Denzel, etc. Seriously. We need depth at all positions and the coach needs to be able to sell the players on how important their role is to the TEAM. If your role is to get 10 really productive minutes and give the guys hell in practice, so be it. Not every player can play 30 minutes a game. Or even 20. But guys like Bryan, Ingram, etc, are so important because they can spell guys and if they get hot, you leave them in and let 'em ride it out. Until we get older, deeper, and healthier at every position, we are going to keep seeing February tailspins and boring, lonely March’s watching everyone else’s team fight tooth and nail for an at large while we sit around with our thumbs up our asses because our season is already over. I’m so sick of it.

This… this year is NCAA or bust, but I don’t see it happening, hopefully we go in a new direction finally if we aren’t in the post season. We have been irrelevant for far to long.

Yes. I can guarantee that.

I don’t like losing him and thought he did some good things on the floor - and brought us a different element than either Thorne or Clayton. That being said, he was going to be our 4th big. I don’t mind it as long as we get someone else in here as the 3rd or 4th inside player - but it is getting very late and we aren’t hearing much going on in the recruiting front?