App Game - Seating and roll call

Just starting the thread so we can communicate seating locations!

Who is in?
NWA +2
TrickynBC +1

There’s a map. I’m not sure if the grey areas are available tickets, or if they show what is tarped off. I don’t even mean that as smack, I genuinely have no clue.

Just called the App State ticket office. Section 12 is behind our bench. She said they still have seats available all over this section. So I’d aim for section 12, or as close to section 12 as possible

Awesome - will be buying tickets today!

Section 12 Row M x2

section 12 Row D

Going. No tix yet.

I’m in, gotta talk to friends in CLT before making ticket purchases.

I went with my cousin (ASU grad) the last time we played there…and lost to the small black version of Plavich in 3OT.

We may go again this year…gotta get my record even in watching the Niners in Boone.

I’ve never seen Charlotte win on the road in person. So I’m not gonna risk it. ha

That’s right around finals time for the students. I’m going to try my best and go, as well as bring some students with me.

I’m going. Haven’t bought tickets yet. Not sure if I will ahead of time. Never a soul at App State bball games.

Myself and Mrs Tricky are in for this game. Gotta get even for that horrible last game up there.

With the Panthers game being moved to 8:30, this game seems like a possibility now

I’ll be there… trying to work out a disastrous night in the app student section. If not, see you guys in section 12.

When was the last time we won there? I don’t like that place at all.

I was not alive.

Sec 12, Row M, Seats 5-9

It is tough to convince myself to go to this game since it will be televised. I don’t want to miss any of the Panthers game in the evening. Should be able to get back in time though right?

Just checked with the wife and we’re having people over at our house that morning for brunch after our annual holiday party with our neighbors. Will be watching this one on TV.

But I’ll see you guys at UNCA/Davidson!