App postgame

Montgomery sucks. Reynolds came down to earth. Klugh still sucks. Penalties are still awful. Defense is meh. Punting is worse than kicking last year.


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Could have told y’all that on Tuesday.

let the app fans enjoy this while it lasts. truth is, we are cleaning house of judy’s garbage. soon we will have a real coach and their coach will move on soon. maybe they hit another home run with their next coach, maybe they don’t.

Bruh I wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t known.

With a line of 14…I honestly wish I had the balls to put my entire 401K on that line. That was the easiest line I’ve ever seen in any sport. Once in a lifetime. I have no balls.

App has a very good team this year and a good program. I look forward to the day our program is able to compete and this could be a rivalry in the future. We are obviously lacking with our recruiting, and have been, with Lambert at the helm.

With that said, this game makes me all the more excited for the day Hill gets to pick his guy for our next coach. Despite this embarassing performance, I still think we can win a few games this year- but there’s no way we retain Lambert past this season.

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Fire Judy again!


We are literally going to owe our entire future to the Appy’s.

They got Judy Rose fired…thanks to Grady Davis knocking home the final nail in a long overdue coffin. Now…this performance today will most certainly do the same for Lambert.

App State…single handedly cleaning house in the Athletic Dept at Charlotte!!!

App has 13 players from the Charlotte metro area, including several of their best players. That’s where this game was lost.

Honestly we played as well as a Brad lambert team could. Total lack of discipline killed us tonight. That’s what Lambert teams do though, unfortunately.

Crowd showed up. Upper deck was all apps. I’d say they probably snatched up 80% of the tickets that went out to general public. Still happy with our turnout. Made a lot of money today, and one day closer to the future.

I’m sure coaching will catch hell here, but everybody has to admit what we saw today was head and shoulders far above anything we saw last year. Montgomery has my trust as a playcaller. That’s a freaking good defense, and we walked down the field 5 times. Just couldn’t finish. Defense got to the quarterback very well tonight, and we did a good job slowing down the run, but our secondary was doo doo.

No way. We have more Charlotte players. Our guys just suck. Plain and simple. The coaching isnt there and the athletic ability isnt there

In regards to our coaches…our coaching staff is terrible at coaching…but at least the recruiting sucks

Their players from Charlotte played a lot better than our players from Charlotte tonight.

Duck and the nose tackle in particular.

This is about what the chite dam I expected

App will always be good. The question is, will we ever be good enough to challenge them?

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Eh, we looked like we belonged for 2 1/2 quarters, then it all fell apart. Nothing too surprising. Some things to be hopeful about moving forward. I feel good about where Reynolds is as a freshman, and think he has a shot at being decent for us. Cruz is a god send after the poor kicking we have experienced for years.


So how did you guys like Klugh going in the game? I think the team is better than last year, but Lambert still never makes it to Halloween.

The had like double the yardage in the first half than us (250/125). We got smoked.

Didn’t like it at all. The entire GD stadium knew he was going to run. Hill, you have done and said everything correct so far (just like Tepper), but coach needs to go.

Talent difference absolutely, sure.

Coaching was light years apart. App came out as a unit, they played with heart and an edge. We rolled out the balls like a substitute gym coach was in charge.

Lambert is a moron. He isn’t changing. All the stuff I ever said about Tall or Mullen, it’s still here. He’s not changing and he can’t recruit enough talent to overcome his coaching.

I’m so done with him. The quicker we move on the better.

2 1/2 quarters??? What game were you watching???