App postgame

Exactly. I thought we looked very respectable for nearly 3 quarters. We gave 3 BIG plays late 3rd/early 4th. I actually think we will win several games this season and be competitive in all but 1 or 2.

Even the couple App fans near us seemed surprised how competitive we were well in to the 3rd qtr

This beat down reminded me of the ODU blowout 2 years ago. We looked outclassed in most respects. Had 1-2 stops and 1-2 ok drives. Rest was a joke.

Bottom Line: We have a loser head coach that doesn’t have what it takes to advance our program any further. Our players look small and undisciplined. That’s totally on coaching. Fire Lambert, and bring in a proven winner.

The reality is tonight was the best we’ve looked in well over a year.

And we got beat like that.

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We looked better Vs FIU in Klugh first start last year.

Not that we matched up with them, just that we weren’t getting embarrassed. There have been several games in our history that we were so overmatched from the start, that they weren’t even worth staying past the first quarter. Which is what I expected of this game. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see that end game score at halftime. That all changed after that punt return TD though.

What kills me is we could’ve had chuck amato as a head coach from the inception

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clt says all is well. We competed with a legendary program like appy in just our 5th year!

Everyone can say that we didn’t look like we were in over our heads, but that is only because App was trying to pound us with the running game. Once they threw the ball it was pretty ugly. There were only about 1 or 2 of those throws that were contested. That QB could take his pick on who to throw to. We were committed to stopping the run and it showed. Our DBs are way over matched. #2 has been getting burned consistently since last year.

clt points out our best Ol was out and our QB1 was out as well.

Appy should be embarrassed.

We looked solid in the first half. We showed promise…

Then we kicked a field goal on 3rd down, down 18.

The second half was atrocious. It looked like we straight gave up.

Klough is horrible. Every play we put him in was a momentum killer.

We sure did run it up the middle a lot for a team down so far.

Coaching is terrible. Lambert should be gone. Dead man walking.

Cruz looked super sharp and I was blown away by his 54 yarder.

Game day experience was solid. We filled that place up!

Only one way to go from here, up!

Their QB…in his second start ever…was 14-14 against us. Not sure I need to say anything else.

“App should be embarrassed” lol.

The only thing worse than this loss is to receive a text asking for donations.

It was never a doubt we would lose this game at any point since kickoff. I think App could have put up a lot more points than they did. But I agree we have seen way worse Niner teams than what we’ve seen from this team so far. I like what I’m seeing from the new coordinators though I don’t expect them to be here next year.

Sad thing is we should still expect to win at least 3 or 4 games this year. CUSA looks terrible 2 games into the season.

-UAB will end up losing to Coastal Carolina by double digits tonight.
-ODU got blown out last week by Liberty who got blown out by Army today
-Middle Tennessee has been playing UT Martin close all game tonight.
-WKU is currently down a touchdown to Maine halfway thru 3 quarters.
-Marshall struggled with EKU and kept it a close game even though they were 32.5 point favorites.
-Southern Miss just lost to UL Monroe.

I’m not sure we should expect any wins, there are zero gimmes fo us. I’m not sure we are favored in any contests the rest of the way. We have to earn the right to be favored.

We win win 4-5 games with as bad as cusa is this year. I thought we played better than last year, but Lambert is over his head. He should have called time out on first and goal at the 6 when we were not ready to run a play, but we got sacked and went backwards 30 yds.

App is good, bigger, and faster than us. We are way behind and need to get caught to other programs. The coach of app will be at chapel Hill next year

Tonight needs to stick. You’re right wood. There’s a ton of winnable games on our schedule. Where we are as a program today is unacceptable. We have to remember today even if our conference is bad enough we end up winning a few.

I know we beat you handily and I know it sounds cliche but you were better than the score indicated. Disappointed to see your students bail in the 3rd quarter. You have a nice little stadium. You need to find a new stadium announcer and get a better video board. Hope some of you make it to Boone.

Aw shucks, thanks is Dave. Really means a lot.