Assistant coaches for Sanchez

Thinking out loud…

Would like at least one charlotte guy like McInnis or hamilton from mid Tenn.

One Georgia guy…white or pardue from ga state. Jonas hayes from Georgia or Darryl labarrie.

3rd coach…maybe someone with a Tenn, Virginia and/or south carolina background. Morrell from texas?

Always a chance that Sanchez brings a staffer from Virginia with him.

Jason Williford possibly.

Also larry dixon from georgia southern and old dominions john richardson.

Mark Him off please.

You never know what personal relationships have been formed, but I’d be shocked to see anyone else on Virginia’s staff come here.

I have no idea who he goes after. I do like the guy I’m linking below:

Obvious McInnis would be a good choice, as we’ve discussed but I believe he has some work to do to meet our requirements.

Might be prudent to have a former head coach next to him, on the bench. Someone he can lean on for advice in situations that he hasn’t necessarily had to handle, as an assistant.



Labarrie has a good rep, but there are other options too.

If he is going to employ the pack line defense, it would make sense to bring in someone else who is familiar with it, even if it is recent player as a Grad Assistant.

Kyle Church seems like an obvious choice.

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Hire a previous head coach as an assistant. I’d also like to see a former Niner player on the staff.

Sean Phaler for assistant.

This doesn’t sound encouraging

Bullet from the Charlotte HR manual:

**Make sure all of our assistants whisper and look at the floor when they speak. Anybody that has elbowed their way to the bar need not apply.

clt would like to see if jobey has any interest in coaching.

Bobby Kummer is an assistant at Lamar. Maybe we can bring him home.

When should we expect to start hearing about hirings?