ASU AD issues letter

Apparently the ASU AD issued a letter about CUSA expansion. The website that posted it reports that “CUSA is still an option”

Thought you may find it interesting.

ECU’s Chancellor was on the radio yesterday talking about further expansion. He mentioned App, but quickly said “yeah, but they’re really difficult to get to.”

App State isn’t going to CUSA unless half of CUSA leaves the conference.

App St is tied with Boise St for the best program ever over the last 7 years. Also, their trucker maps ties them into 8,000 media markets.

Also, much like UNC-CHeat (many of their fan’s favorite basketball team), they didn’t actually want any of those recruits Charlotte signed.

All I’ve learned since last week is App St has a bunch of rah-rah cheerleaders among third tier sports media and FCS bloggers.

Best program EVER over last SEVEN years? Good one. I’ve been saying FOREVER that App’s program over the last SEVEN years was better than any of those SEC programs.

The reader comments on are hilarious. No kidding, many of them think they are holding out for the Big East. By reading the comments you’d think they plan on skipping FBS and BCS all together and will go straight to the NFL!

Yeah I had to finally quit reading their garbage. I mean we all knew how lucky we would be if we made it to CUSA and we were quite honest about what the SBC would mean. They possess a total of zero objectivity points there.

If you mention anything about other sports to them, they will ignore you.

or make up something about app is a tourist town and no one comes up for weekday basketball games. ???

looks like more butt-hurt to me.

or make up something about app is a tourist town and no one comes up for weekday basketball games. ???[/quote]

or talk about how great their Tar Heels are playing

or make up something about app is a tourist town and no one comes up for weekday basketball games. ???[/quote]

or talk about how great their Tar Heels are playing[/quote]

Thats the worst part of all of it. They are all such homers - as we all are for our schools, but they only own a portion of who they really are.

Can we move this to the proper forum?

Charlotte 49er football is FBS, Ap State is FCS the envy will always be there unless they move up. Now way in hell are they coming to C-USA and the Sunbelt isn’t an option for them unless GA So. goes.

To be so damn high and mighty, their move to any conference seems dependent on another university. Love it.

LOL… About 2 minutes ago I was just reading this thread and having a great discussion with a fellow niner alum co-worker. About the time I finished talking about how App is busting at the seams with no more room for expansion, in the middle of nowhere with no major interstates or airports, I noticed a customer with a UNC-Tweetsie football shirt on. She looked upset and abruptly left. Whoops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sad but mostly civil from what I could see. A lot of folks seem to think that was more of a “we’re here for a while” message…

Fun reading about the debate on whether or not Charlotte has surpassed ASU or not… The fact that the App folks are even debating that makes me feel nice… I mean seriously, we haven’t even played a down!

Wow. I read every one of those comments and now feel so much more enlightened. They mentioned us in most of them. I liked the one that said we are headed to the Big East, and I found the comment stating Judy threatened to join the Sun Belt if CUSA invited App to be quite hilarious.

I should have just ignored, but I read all the Charlotte bashing I could take, so I posted this on the site under the “CAA may try to raid SoCon” article. I tried to remain civil, but hopefully, got my point across.


May 20, 2012 at 12:24 pm
I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed reading the vast opinions from the ASU fanbase. Some of you are actually objective and rational, so I’m not responding to you. However, to the many less rational fans, please step toward the light.

For those of you who feel the need to bash Charlotte’s campus, you probably haven’t been on it in the last 10-15 years. If you have, then bashing it must just help you sleep at night… whatever.

You need to focus on ASU’s own shortcomings a little bit when trying to understand why you haven’t been asked to join a FBS conference. Regardless of what you would like to think, NO ONE (outside your community of Boone) really cares that you have won in FCS football. You have a right to be and should be proud, but NO ONE else cares. Our AD knew that no one longterm would care about FCS football in Charlotte and made our intentions clear from the beginning that our goal was to move to FBS as soon as possible. That doesn’t make FCS bad. It just wasn’t Charlotte’s vision.

Also, what else do you bring to the table? You refuse to talk about any other sport and with good reason. Granted, most of this is driven by football, but you have nothing else to offer. The tradition and history you folks like to invoke about your football, is non-existent in any other sport.

And, whether you want to believe it or not, accessibility to your campus is not ideal and has to be an issue. I think your AD said it best in his letter to you guys about needing a marketing plan, when he said something like “…some of our roads have 4 lanes now.”

And, finally, to those of you who say that Charlotte will be a major flop (especially the one that bet his life on it), only time will tell, but in case we are successful, I hope you have already lived a substantial and fulfilled life.

It sounds like most of you want a Sunbelt invitation now (because C-USA sucks now, right?). If so, good luck in your quest.[/color]

See the problem, and I disagree with nothing you said to the Appy’s, is that you replied in the first place.

We don’t have to reply to Appy’s anymore. We have exceeded them on the gridiron without taking a snap.

Go read the replies to what you said. You didn’t enlighten the ignorant, you simply stirred the poor fools into another frenzy. You can’t fix people who don’t want to be educated.