Bahamas Bowl 2019

I thought I would start a specific thread for this bowl.

Gametime: Friday 12/20 2:00 PM ET - ESPN

Won’t be there. Will watch on tv. Hope we win.

Not gonna complain about a bowl.

But also, the way our program was formed, sucks that so many of us won’t be able to make it. Would absolutely cost more to catch this bowl game than the national championship game.


It is 34 in Buffalo right now, and 65 in Charlotte. I think that is a built in incentive for the Bulls to have good attendance at this game.

Many of us are put off by the price as well. Flights from BUF are $500+, hotels look to be $250 or more per night. Even direct flights out of New York City, where many of our alumni live, are around that price.

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Will be booking flights tomorrow for $750 for two. Wife and daughter are going to Europe for cheaper. Rooms are $250 on average. Looks like going down on Thursday and back home on Sunday. You can do Nassau in a couple of days

Sister is kicking in the travel points for wife and I. If and its a big IF I can get passports that expired over the summer renewed in time we will likely be there.

Call your Congressman’s office. They have a standard process for expediting passports. It is a built in constituent service they all do so you will think they took extra good care of you when it comes time to vote.

@NinerWupAss, I went to the passport office in the student union on 11/12. I received my booklet on 11/23. Going there tomorrow to get my daughter’s renewed.

Thanks for the info! Will try to do that.

Excited to make a bowl and this will be awesome for the team. It’s too bad it’s not in travel range/price for my family but I’ll be watching during my daughter’s birthday party.

Let’s hope the Niners give her a birthday victory!


99% sure I am going. What hotels are people staying at? I am a Hyatt member so looking at Baha Mar but haven’t decided yet.

Flight booked, going down Wednesday coming back Sunday, staying at The Atlantis.


You can go to Atlanta and get them same day if you are traveling within two weeks.

I wish I could stomach $3000 on airfare

Going to probably a TV event for me…

I will not bitch about a bowl, I just wish it was something that wouldn’t end up costing me 5 grand to attend.

There is a passport office in the student Union? I need to go there instead of the one on Harris Houston. It was a shitshow on Wednesday.

I desperately need to get my passport replaced. I lost it when I moved last month and I’m leaving for Switzerland on January 7.

This game is 95% for the team, especially our seniors, 4% for our higher rolling donors, and 1% everyone else.

I’m okay with that.

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Oh yeah… for the team, the is unquestionably the best bowl alternative. I just hope their families are all able to attend.

It’s $700 for non-stop out of CLT.

we need to get a watch party scheduled up and take over a bar that Friday afternoon

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