Baseball Week 10 - at App State; #20 ODU at the Hayes

Huge 2 weeks on the horizon for the Niners. We will have 5 games this week and next week against solid opponents. 8 games vs ODU and 2 road games again in-state rivals mixed in. This will be a true test for this squad.

We are halfway through the C-USA season and we sit at 1st by 1 game over ODU with an RPI of 18.

This week we will travel to App St on Tuesday and then return home for our first round of 4 games vs #20 ODU. We’ve been talking about these 2 weekends ever since the schedule came out and its only gotten bigger and bigger as the season has rolled along.



D1 Baseball:

Tennessee 6
LaTech 14
ODU 20

Baseball America:

Tennessee 7
LaTech 19
ODU 25

USA Today Coaches Poll:

Tennessee 5
LaTech 15
ODU 20
USM RV (29)

Can’t believe they have the wrong logo shown for us.


Sent them a message with the correct logo. It hasn’t changed yet.

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Yeah. Looks like Charleston. And… We’re CLT not CHAR. Idiots.

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Could have been worse! :wink:

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App game is on ESPN+ this afternoon.

Game notes:

We are going with Hale Sims again according to the App game notes. He did well last time out against the Appies.


When I see that Sims is 6’4", 290 I can’t help but wonder if he might want to play another sport in his free time.

Just got a response from the USA Today Sports Editor, and she said they are working on getting the logo fixed.


It’s tough being a Niner!


Please, Niner Baseball team, beat the snot out of these guys today. Please!

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ODU postponed their mid-week game with William & Mary without giving a reason yesterday.

It is going to be interesting to see how we manage our pitching tonight with 4 games vs ODU coming up. Hale went 4 last time and was able to come back and pitch some during the weekend at WKU.

After that we could throw some of the regular guys if it is their bullpen day or we could see some guys who haven’t pitched much.

Any idea what the sudden name change for Groover on is about?

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No idea, but they’ve been calling him LuJames on the broadcasts and the PA system this past weekend.

I assumed Gino was a nickname but curious why he changed it up all of a sudden and added the III after his last name.

Either way I’m pumped that someone of his talent is in the 8 spot in the lineup tonight. Definitely speaks to the potential of this offense.

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Wonder if it’s another SHOE PIZZA situation - just had been doing it wrong all along? Really like his play this year.

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