Baseball Week 11 - at UNC-CH; at ODU

What a great week we just had!! Beat the Appies in comeback fashion for a season sweep, then took 3 of 4 at the Hayes over #20 ODU.

Charlotte enters the week 29-11 with an RPI of 11. We sit on top of C-USA with a 17-3 record.

This is another huge week as we are scheduled for 5 road games. We start on Tuesday night with a road trip to in-state rival UNC-Chapel Hill. Then, we travel up to Norfolk to continue the 8 game series with ODU carrying a 3-1 advantage with us.

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We enter the Baseball America poll this week at #19.

Tennessee 7
LaTech 18

La Tech loses 2 of 4 games at home to Marshall (after playing no midweek games) and moves UP one notch in the BA poll. Those losses leave LA Tech 3 games behind us in the conference standings at this point, but BA feels compelled to leave them ranked one spot above us in the poll.

Sure, that makes COMPLETE sense. :wink:


They are starting to lose credibility. At least we forced them to put us in their poll this week!!


Jumped up to #15 in the D1 poll, highest ranking in program history!!

Conference USA with 4 ranked teams.

Tennessee 4
ECU 10
LaTech 16
Southern Miss 23
ODU 25


Is there a baseball poll that is of more significance that all others? Trying to figure out which one to pay attention to.

Pretty simple. Just pay attention to the one that we are ranked the highest in!!

I think the D1, Baseball America, and The USA Today Coaches Poll are the most accepted, but there are plenty of others.

Vasquez stepped away from the program. He was a productive player for the Niners over the years. I imagine not getting playing time and already graduating had something to do with it. Niners are rolling! Can’t wait for conference play!

Sad to see Rafi step away, but I understand.


Niners up to 17 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. And they have our logo right this time, but they did a crappy job with it.

Tennessee 4
ECU 10
LaTech 18
USM 22
ODU 25

It is not right.

No, it’s not, but at least we aren’t Southern Miss!

Well, it’s not the College of Charleston logo this week, so I guess we are heading in the right direction.

I sent an email to the Sports Editor last week with our Brand Guide.

Like chidave mentioned in the week 9 thread, our bullpen was only used for 1 out on Sunday. Arms are rested and it will be interesting to see who throws tomorrow.

From the Chapel Hill game release, we are going with Starnes tomorrow.

Pitching Matchup
RHP Caleb Cozart (0-0, 7.82 ERA) vs. LHP Trae Starnes (1-1, 2.84 ERA)

No votes for the Holes! Bulletin board material for them. :neutral_face:

This is a great opportunity for Woodard to show the Heels that he is a better coach than the guy they just hired last year. Always let your alma mater know it is going to cost them big when they come after you.

If it’s not Charleston who is it?

He was their associate head coach, so just promoted and not hired. I’m sure he’ll be pulling out all the stops to win this game, not that they have ever been hesitant about using their weekend pitchers against us.

Baseball is at two and soccer is at five on Sunday, so maybe not much of an overlap and those who are interested can see both.

Edit: Apparently baseball start has been moved to three for some inexpicable reason. :-1:

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