Baseball Week 12- Marshall at the Hayes (CUSA TV)

The Niners went 2-3 last week with victories on the road at Chapel Hill and a road victory in the series at ODU.

We remained at 11 in the RPI, SOS 12.

This week, we will not have a mid-week, and will host Marshall for 4 games this weekend at the Hayes. All games will be on CUSA TV and we will wait and see if/when tickets will be available.

We are sitting in 1st place in the East by 1 game. Only 8 conference games left. Marshall is not great this year, but has shown the ability to pull off upsets. They split a series at LaTech last weekend.


D1 Baseball- The Niners dropped to #23 this week.

Tennessee 5
ECU 13
LaTech 14
USM 20
ODU 22

Baseball America- Niners dropped to #21 in the BA poll.

Tennssee 6
ECU 13
LaTech 18
ODU 20
USM 22

Home and away record variance is so hugeโ€ฆ Without knowing better, that is the benchmark for my postseason expectations for this team.

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Maybe so, but I think weโ€™ve gotten better on the road as the season has gone along. Lost 5 straight road games to start the season, 3 of those were at ECU.

Since then weโ€™ve been 10-4 on the road, with 3 of those coming this weekend to ranked ODU and the other was an extra inning game at WKU.

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Excellent point.

USA Today Coaches Poll:

Tennessee 6
ECU 12
LaTech 14
USM 19
ODU 20
CHARLOTTE 22 - logo is correct this week

I just hit this link and the logo is not correct.

clt hopes our creeks remain pristine after this weekend


This tweet says that Marshall has been eliminated from the C-USA Tournament ,and that the top 4 teams have clinched a spot with 8 games remaining.

Rice sure has dropped off from being in the CWS every couple of years.

Strange. When I click this link on my iPhone the logo is wrong. Anyone have any idea why?

Is it opening in the USA Today app? Or browser? Mine was opening in the app. Had to force quit and the new logo showed up. Likely just a cached image.

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Safari Browser on my iPhone. Just tried it on my PC (Firefox browser) and the correct logo is there. Weird. Just used Microsoft Edge browser on my iPhone and the logo is correct. Hmmmโ€ฆwhatโ€™s with Safari that the logo is wrong in this link? Inquiring minds need to know.

D1 Baseball predicts that the 3 C-USA teams that put in bids to host (CLT, LT, USM) will make the list of 20 finalists that will be announced on Monday. Then trim 1 or 2 teams out depending on who plays well down the stretch. I think there were 40+ teams that put in bids to host.

Boy, I was really surprised to find that our strength of schedule was like 11 or 12.
That is going to take a gigantic hit over the next couple of weeks. We really canโ€™t afford to lose more than a couple between now and tournament time.

Latest projections. D1 Baseball has us as the #2 Seed in the Oxford, Mississippi Regional. Baseball America has us hosting as the #16 overall seed.



I really think we canโ€™t afford to drop more than one if we want to host. Going to be tough to do even against the bottom.

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