Baseball Week 13- at Rice (CUSA TV)

Coming off a sweep of Marshall the Niners are now 35-14, 22-6 in Conference USA. WE are sitting alone in the #1 seed, 1st in the east with a 3 game lead, 4 games left.

With the 4 wins over Marshall our RPI dropped from 11 to 16. Not too bad of a drop, and I don’t think it is a big concern at this point as our rankings went up.

We travel to Houston to take on Rice this weekend for 4 to finish out the C-USA regular season. They are still fighting for a spot in the Tourney, so they may be in desperation mode.



Baseball America has us at 19 this week.

Tennessee #5
ECU #12
LaTech #1
USM #20
Old Dominion #23

College Baseball Top 25 Rankings

D1 Baseball has us at #20 this week.

Tennessee #4
ECU #11
LaTech #14
Southern Miss #19

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This week’s C-USA match-ups:

CLT at Rice- CLT is 1 win away from clinching the East title and still looking to clinch the #1 seed in the Tourney; Rice still fighting for a spot in the Tourney

USM at FAU- Both have clinched a spot in the CUSA Tourney, USM still can get as high as 1 seed

UTSA at LT - LT has clinched a spot in the Tourney, still can get as high as 1 seed; UTSA needs at least 1 win or some help.

WKU at ODU- ODU has clinched a spot, still has a chance at as high as #1 seed, WKU still battling FIU, MTSU, & Rice for ‘at large’ spot.*

FIU at MTSU - Both are still in the mix for one of the two ‘at large’ spots.

UAB at Marshall - Marshall has been eliminated, UAB is still in the mix for the final ‘at large’ spot

EDIT: Looks like WKU has clinched a spot as well.

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Logo looks so sharp along side all of these others!!


Niners are ranked #20 in the latest USA Today Coaches Poll.

Tennessee 5
ECU 11
LaTech 16
Southern Miss 17
Old Dominion 24

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Yea! Our logo is correct on my iPhone.

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I don’t recognize #24. Is that Medusa University?

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I agree, the logo looks sharp! I am a big fan. However, it can be difficult at first glance to detect the C.

I would like one of the smart people on here to modify the logo to see what it would look like if we removed the “tilt forward” making the C more recognizable.

Hoping for a big weekend from Austin Knight to push him out in front for the Conference Player of the Year. He’s put up some good numbers this season and he is great defensively at 3B.


The writer states that “in reality” more ACC teams feel like locks, but their RPI is holding them back.
Isn’t that a tacit admission that the ACC will get favorable treatment regardless of actual results?

Also, he states that FAU could make the field with a sweep of USM and a win at Miami. That, indeed, will be a miracle.


Yep, some of the national pundits have been talking about the RPI being skewed this season because some conferences are limiting non-conference games and the balance of schedules being off.

The ACC is playing 36 conference games this year but they usually play 30. We are playing 32 conference game when we usually play only 30. The Big Ten is not playing any non conference games and playing 45 conference games.

D1 projects us as a 2 seed in FSU’s Regional.

I interpret this as us being the very first team out of the top 16.

I took it as the same since we were matched up against the lowest rated 1 seed.

We are projected to host a Regional as the #14 overall seed according to Baseball America

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Has the selection committee dropped the number of seat requirements for regional hosts this year? If not, I didn’t think the Hayes would be large enough to host. Could we actually bring in temporary seats? Seems with the layout of the stadium this might be difficult. Are we looking at hosting at Gastonia’s stadium? Sorry for all the questions, just thinking out loud.

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I’m not sure if there is a seating requirement to host a regional or if it has changed this year. I looked but couldn’t find anything specific. I think you just have to provide a certain amount of seats to all participating teams in a certain location in the stadium. There is a lighting requirement and I don’t think our lights are up to the standard. Also not sure if that has been modified this year.

I know that several options are being/ have been explored and sounds like we are doing everything we can to host a regional if we are selected. I’m sure we will find out more if we are named later this week as one of the 20 finalists.


This is pretty sweet!!


Looks like Gastonia Ballpark is on the table to host.