Baseball Week 4- Tennessee, at ECU

The Niners will be facing 2 ranked opponents this week. First hosting #18 ranked Tennessee at the Hayes on Tuesday. Then travelling to #17 East Carolina for our first road weekend series.

Tennessee is 11-2 and coming off a weekend sweep of Georgia State.

ECU is 9-2 and coming off a weekend sweep over App State. They travel to Duke on Tuesday before hosting the Niners this weekend.

We finally get a televised home game as the Tennessee game will be on C-USA TV.

The ECU series will be televised Friday on, and Saturday & Sunday on ESPN+.

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Why are 21 and 23 getting ready to smooch?

Arggh, it gets lonely out at sea matey!

D1 poll:

ECU 14
Tennessee 15
FAU 20

Baseball America Poll:

ECU 14
North Carolina 18
Tennessee 23
FAU 25

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Hopefully our pitching staff can settle in and limit free passes. The bats need to come back to life a little more too. It would help if McCabe is back. We’ll see exactly where this team is after this week is over. Time to step up.

Uptown Saturday game with C of C is back on!!

Marozas on the mound today!! Let’s go grab a P5 scalp at home!!

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Beat me to it.

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Very nice! I love them!

Holy hell those are legit!


UT preview

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McCabe back in the line-up.

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Glad McCabe is back. Please don’t hurt that thumb again! Also nice to see Elwood back. Good defensively and somehow manages to get on base. And fast enough to stretch things on the base paths.

Back to back to back dingers

7-0 in 7th;team=home;category=pitching

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Beginning to think this team may have some talent. :wink:

I’m beginning to think McCabe is very important to this team to win

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Holy crap!