Basketball 2019-2020

Will we be better or worse next season? There will be more depth but will there be enough scorers to make up for losing Davis?

Significantly better. I would guess between 16-19 wins in regular season.

30 wins!

Cant really be much worse.

We need some 3 point shooters and we’ll be a totally different team. We’re getting open looks now, but not hitting the shots often enough.

Bertram can shoot

PG in the traditional sense will be deep and better overall next year


Significantly better. Guys who return have a full year learning the system and culture (plus Bertram, Shephard and Vasic learning as well). Incoming class provides depth and competition for playing time. Sanchez has a year learning the league.

All that offsets losing Jon plus a lot more.

I don’t want to put unreasonable expectations but 20 wins is what I anticipate.


Tough to say not knowing what guys will transfer out, but I think we will be between 10 -16 wins. Sanchez will need some more good recruiting and player experience to get this team to 20 wins.

I think we will be better even with the loss of JD. I appreciate any athlete with his talent that sticks with a program in the dumpster like he has. Most players these days transfer in that situation. That says a lot about his character. Right now no one else gets the ball in the pressure situations & the opposing team pretty much knows he is going to take the shot. The young guys are so accustomed to him taking the shot they would probably crap their pants if he passed them the ball with time running out. His departure will force someone else to step up in those situations and hopefully we won’t be so predictable. It may take a few games next season to establish a leader but eventually that role will be filled. I think the scoring we lose will be made up for by committee which fits Sanchez’s system better anyway. That’s just my opinion for what it’s worth. I hope he gets a chance at the next level & wish things would have worked out better for him here. I think 15 wins is possible & would be happy with that. Anything more I would consider a miraculous turnaround & a very good season with all of the young players.

Are there any reports on how well Bertram is doing in practice? Can he shout as advertised?

i expect us to be a lot better. so hard to predict a win total but i think that the team will benefit from not watching davis so much and the continued infusion of talent and depth will be much needed. i would also love to hear some reports from practice. we have lost a bunch of games bc we couldnt hit threes, even when wide open. shouldnt be a problem next season.


The fact that we have predictions anywhere from 10 to 20 wins tells you it is anyone’s guess. I’ll be pleased with anything beyond 10 wins.

What I would LOVE to see is us get noticeably better as the season goes and close out a season strong, really giving us something to build on and be excited about as a fan base going into Sanchez season 3.

Even though we have gotten a little better over the last 10 games or so, and I know we have a thin bench, I still believe we have underachieved this season. Jesus, aren’t we due for a season where we EXCEED expectations?!?!

Next season I would think 10-14 wins is reasonable and I would put the over under on 12.

Those that think that upwards of 20 wins is reasonable is on crack.

I do expect a stronger finish next season with more experience and balance.

If we win 12 games next year Sanchez was the wrong hire.

If we went from 7 to 12 wins after losing Davis, not sure that would qualify him as the wrong hire. His 3rd/4th year will tell you if he was a bad hire.

A lot depends on the rest of the season W total. 12 wins next year and 17 wins the next and say 21 the next… pretty good trajectory.

I want to save this thread to whenever the transfer season starts. It happens every year that someone that we don’t want to transfers out. Sanchez will need multiple great recruiting classes to change things. By the time this year’s freshmen become seniors, I would be surprised if we can have more than two still here. Even with no open schollies Sanchez needs to be selling hard.

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This programs has had a lot of coaching turnover in the last nine years. We should probably keep Sanchez around for five years no matter what happens.

I’d think it’s safe to assume Mike Hill won’t jump the gun on calling his first mbb coach a bad hire.