Battery powered trimmers and blowers

Any of you folks make the switch to batter powered trimmer/blowers?

I’m looking at getting a trimmer (perhaps a blower) and curious to what reviews you might have. Mrs 2k almost got me these (Ryobi 40v Trimmer + Blower) but I’m hesitant to bite the bullet on 40v.

Ive been using a greenworks trimmer and blower since August of 2010. Still going strong.

Note that this one was shipped with 6 AH battery. I didn’t realize when I bought it how important that is. 6 AH is a big battery even by current standards. It allows me to edge my entire yard and then turn the blower on the driveway, etc without needing a recharge. Strongly advise that you either get a large capacity battery or two swappable ones so you can always have one charged.

FWIW, Neither the blower or trimmer is quite as strong as the gas counterparts (like maybe 80% - just a guess?), but is also sufficient for a typical suburban lot. I would never go back to gas, and based on my experiences with these, I’m just waiting for my gas mower to die so I can justify buying an electric mower. So much easier to deal with.

Also depends on the size of your lot/amount of work to be done each time.

I’m eyeing this 80 volt Kobalt trimmer. I have 3/4 acres to deal with.

My girlfriend has one of those Worx battery powered blowers (got it and weed-eater for $99.00 at Lowe’s) and it’s fantastic. Been debating getting one myself. She hasn’t had to do leaves yet, but it seems like it will have more than enough power for the job.

I’ve got greenworks 60v equipment. Love them. String trimmer is excellent. Leaf Blower and mower work well too. Plan on getting a hedge trimmer soon. Have a quarter acre lot and don’t have any problems unless I forget to charge the mower battery.

Greenworks is based out of Mooresville I believe. They make the kobalt brand equipment for Lowe’s. Or so I was told.

I have a Ryobi 40 v string trimmer. I downsized to a 1/3 acre lot (from 3/4) and replaced a leaking gas powered trimmer, and the battery probably needs charging about every six weeks. I like this one much better–but I still hate trimming.

Still using a gas powered Echo backpack blower. I may go battery when it dies, but I doubt anything will move the air like this does.

I have a DeWalt 20v/60v flex volt. I can’t remember if the trimmer needs 20 or.60 v but their system allows me to use the same battery in a DeWalt chain saw. The trimmer is almost too much power and works on my yard with power to spare and I trom my driveway, curb, plenty of trees, around the house and a drainage area that is my neighbors.

When I trim a tree I use the same battery in the chain saw.

They now have a push lawn mower but the lawn mower does not have quite the use time as I need for my yard.

And the same batteries can also work cordless DeWalt tools if that is your thing or may be your thing on the future.

Battery powered blah. Be a red blooded American and buy something gas powered.

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Here’s an update on my gas powered stuff: Trimmer is old and near death. Push mower some how keeps getting water in the carburetor. Blower primer button is DOA and shuts down every 2-3 minutes.

I have the Ryobi One+ 18v set of cordless power tools. Since I already had the set, I took the bait on the string trimmer since it came with another Li-Ion battery and charger. I know you are looking at the higher voltage stuff, but I’ve been pretty happy. It’s not as powerful as a gas trimmer, but for my lot, it will do trimming and edging on one charge with the 4ah batteries.

As to the blower, if it’s as you describe, for less than $10 you can get new fuel lines, a new primer, and (not mentioned) a new air filter and be back right as rain. Mine had the same problems and for 30 minutes of my time and less than $10, my 8 year old blower is now working perfectly fine again. I don’t see any reason to get rid of a blower that only needs a little maintenance.

I think electric is the future. I think batteries will continue to get better. I wouldn’t go back to gas for the string trimmer unless I had a huge lot.

They all work pretty good at this point and the battery technology is pretty equal, but you will want to have extra batteries on hand just in case. I ordered the same kind as my battery operated drill and other battery operated tools at the time. It is a Black & Decker 20V. Some companies use batteries to provide more torque, but less life due to the amperage consumed to provide the torque. You don’t really need a lot of torque for normal grass trimming. You can probably get one with a big battery pack, but remember that the bigger the battery the heavier weight. The weight reduction was big pro for me to go with battery powered. You will love the reduced weight and how much less work it feels like.

Thanks, guys. I think I’m going to go w/ the Ryobi 40v combo kit for the trimmer, blower and 1 battery fro $199 at Home Depot. Seemingly the best deal and I have $120 in gift cards there.

I’m going to radical on y’all. I use an electric trimmer and blower. The batteries never worked and I don’t use either that often or in a heavy duty fashion, so why not?
I think I paid 120.00 for the pair and I’ve got a heavy duty 75 foot extension cord.

While I consider both of them wear items, I’ve replaced parts on both real cheap and would replace both of them if they stopped doing what I needed them to do.

I actually use corded tools for all my yard work. I have a weed eater and blower very similar to the items you linked and have a kobalt corded mower.

People always are concerned about the cord but you learn how to mow so the cord never is in the way.

Corded mower? I’ve never thought about doing that.
Do you mow like you’re vacuuming? What about trees and stuff? I have enough impediments in my yard that I do what I need to do in sections and then move the cord to the next section. Only drawback that I see with corded.

Basically just learned that if I passed a tree on one side, I should pass on the same side coming back and switch to the other side on the next pass. After 3 years in my house I have a set pattern and very rarely change it up.

I have corded hedge clippers. I cut right through the cord one day. I sure am glad those things are double-insulated or whatever magic kept it from lighting me up. I always felt like the Niners would kill me, not yard tools.

Yep, I’ve got a corded hedge clipper as well. Luckily I’ve not damaged any of my cords yet. Since I don’t trust myself to keep batteries charged and my wife doesn’t want me keeping gas tools/cans in the basement I just buy everything corded. Weed eater, blower, mower, hedge clipper, tiller, pressure washer (this can get dangerous with a power cord), small chainsaw.