Battery powered trimmers and blowers


From experience, I’d rather use anything besides a corded lawn tool, but I guess this is proof of why they still make them. In the end, whatever floats your boat.

Maybe some value to add - if you are getting any tool with an electric motor - go BRUSHLESS - much better for durability and supposedly more powerful too. You will pay a tiny bit more, but it’s worth it.



clt finds this problematic. Part of the fun of lawn maintenance is the noise.

clt purchased a gas powered drill for hanging pics




I should add that I left my battery trimmer with battery in it outside propped up against my travel trailer all winter in the elements. Grabbed it in the spring and had enough juice for about 10 minutes of trimming. Put the battery on the charger and it works great. That was very surprising.



clt is concerned for our future.



You are going to like the Dewalt stuff I am sure.



The bad thing about these battery powered tools is when you need to replace the batteries, they alone cost more than the whole tool package. You may end up buying the whole shebang again in a couple of years. My gas blower on the other hand is probably 10 years old and runs like new. Never spent a dime on it.



*gas and oil



True that batteries don’t last forever and they are not cheap, but worst case I break even and gas is only getting more expensive and battery storage is getting cheaper. I charge my batteries on a small solar panel array I got for free so my only cost now is the trimmer line.

And I don’t have to worry about burning myself on a hot exhaust, and being left handed I have noticed some trimmers are not exactly designed for how I hold the trimmer.

Add the air quality side of things of not using fossil fuels and it is a no brainer for anyone that has no more than a yard or two to trim.



Not everyone has solar panels, the rest of us use coal-fired electricity. I don’t know if it all equals out, but electricity isn’t as clean as Jerry Brown thinks it is.



Saving the environment from gas powered weedeaters and blowers by using batteries that will not be recycled is great logic.



LMFAO!! And the whole mixing part and having a separate container sucks. Not to mention that you need to be MacGyver to open one of the newer gas cans that are leak proof , but spill 40% on the ground.

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clt is not going to listen to an appy discuss lawn care equipment



Man, I can’t wait until we start winning in football and basketball so this type of discussion is reduced to a bare minimum .

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Thought most of my electricity comes from Belews Creek which like Marshall is a coal plant there are a few solar fields within a few miles of my house so some of the electricity is coming from solar.

Even with Marshall and McGuire near Charlotte I would think there is some solar in the area around where many UNCC alumni live and work.

You are correct that electricity is still very much a mixed bag, but an internal combustion gas engine has a Carnot efficancy of around 35% at the upper limit I think., and I think lawn mowers are not as efficient as automobile engines. They are not regulated in the same manner. I think your coal burning steam plants are a bit higher efficiancy than gas engines so getting energy transported over a metal wire to your home is probably a bit better than burning a fossil fuel at your house. Also these battery powered tools are much quiter so the neighbors should appreciate that and they do not get hot so less likely to burn an arm holding a trimmer.

TL;DR You are correct about electricity not being “clean” but it is still a better option if the enviroment is being considered, and I hope that is part of the consideration.



These Li Ion batteries should be getting recycled. There are ways to reverse the chemical reactions and make a fresh battery. That is not 100% clean but the best option we have and a whole lot better than anything else I am aware of at present.



McApp suggests you ignore McApp at clt’s own peril.




If you start winning there will be a lot more postings on this board and you may find there is even more of this type of thread.

This board is not nearly as active as YC, especially during the summer off season for college sports.

Be thankful people care enough to post on this board and only read the posts you care about based on the thread heading.



This board has been fueled by hate. Now that we do not have that, we seriously need to win or this is going to look like the DavidsonCats board–but with less big words. It will be quieter around here than the Holmes Convocation Center.

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That is a hell of a post. You burn Davidson but also complement them on academics with the “big words” statement that had me laughing, then you burn App with the Holmes comment.

That was a masterful piece of work there. My compliments.

Maybe the love will return when the wins return.

App has a second message board that may still be around. It was filled with a lot of angry people feeding off each other, and though I may have my timeline a bit off it seems it was most active when football was winning (not national championships, but winning and making the playoffs) an basketball was doing decent (by previous years at least) and baseball was a few outs from the super regional. Some people just can’t be happy I guess.