Beating a dead horse


Since BEATING A DEAD HORSE deserves a thread of its own, here it is!!! Now we can come here and continue to rant about all the stuff we continue to whine about even as time passes and things change. I have a lead off topic: How Judy fucked up all those years and shitted away success that always escaped us under her “leadership”. Discuss.



Alan Major only needed five more years to become the best coach in NCAA history! Just look at Coach K!

We really missed the boat letting him go.

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clt says we continue to need a rebrand.






Here’s two:

Late 90s early 00s: We wil never have football here. You guys need to give it up. Just beating a dead horse. Lefty was one of the most ardent voices.

Last Year: Judy isn’t going to get fired. She’s here until she wants to leave. Not happening. You guys are beating a dead horse here. I could point out the posters, but y’all know who you are.

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Just curious, how does this time frame keep getting referenced? I see other posts about how we were “a decade late” starting football. First game was 2013, so a decade late means 2003. Is it because it’s associated with the ending of CUSA1.0?

I can attest that in the early 90’s, that both a name change and football were already discussion points/issue. I know of people in the 80"s who dealt with questions/criticisms/jokes about us not having football.



Judy once said it was delayed due to 9/11



I plead guilty to #2, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell a woman in her position in this day age would be sent packing. I’m happy as hell I was wrong…

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Mostly because of the internet. I came to campus in 1991 and certainly football was getting talked about plenty. Two huge dynamics happened though in the mid 90s - CUSA and the internet. The internet allowed the fanbase to connect in a way it never had and the desire to have football crossed generations and donor levels. It is no coincidence the movement to start football only got serious once NNN was at a certain threshold. The second thing was the departure from CUSA due to not having football and that while in CUSA peer schools either started football or began to heavily invest in the sport - thereby making our lack of movement on it extremely damaging.



You old.



I was a freshmen in 91.



As was I



I was a freshman in elementary school.

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I think NN.N just made her want to leave.



The break up of CUSA (2005) absolutely set us back. But we needed football already established before 2005.

I always took the stance that as long as places like App, Ga Southern, Furman, Western Carolina, etc had football, there was no reason we shouldn’t have it as well. All of them started well before 2005 and well before the internet.

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During her ‘20 year fight for football’, Judy was told in 2000 by then Big East commish Mike Tranghese that we were going to get left behind without football. I remember talking to Jim Woodward in December of 2000 about adding football and he said that they were conducting a feasibility study. After 9/11 we used that as an excuse to put the brakes on. I can’t say if this is true or not, but I’ve heard that Woodward was open to football, but told Judy she would have to raise the money for it.

In 2003, the ACC plucked Miami and VT out of the Big East and then the dominoes and musical chairs began. Big East started taking all the good teams from C-USA to offset their losses to the ACC. We were left behind, getting pretty much kicked out of C-USA in 2005.

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clt aks if you guys are saying that Judy was behind the sept 11 attacks?

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To get into the big East we needed football before 2005, but if we had started it in 05 cusa probably wpuld have let us stay.

Had we stayed, I believe cusa would have stayed a fairly good basketball conference with us and Memphis running the show most years. I dont think things would have fallen apart with Lutz if we had stayed in cusa. By the next realignment, we would have had 8 years on the field and would have gotten an aac nod over ecu.



She didn’t want to leave, I can promise you that.