Blue Lot Purchases 2019

Email from Athletics:

Beginning with the September 28 football game we will be placing a limited number of single game permits on sale for Blue Lots 7/7A. This is due to requests that have been received by those tailgating in the Blue Lot and will provide an option for those looking for surface lot space. As a Blue Lot permit holder, if you have friends that wish to tailgate with you, they can purchase a permit for individual games for the remainder of the season by visiting The cost of the single game permits will be the same as those in Red Lot 25. We will use the last 4 games as a trial this season. After the season we will review usage and determine who can purchase season-long permits in the Blue Lot for the 2020 season (FSL Holders, season ticket holders, single game sales, etc.). We want our football lots to be lively but also want to protect those who have an FSL investment in the program. If you have questions, please let me know. As always, thanks for your support of the 49ers!

I’m sure this will set a few people off. $50…

Set me off. That’s nuts.

I don’t care. Let’s get these lots a bit more lively.

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At 50 bucks a pop I would say “deez nuts”

Yup the more merrier. $50 is steep but I’m sure they didn’t want to anger any FSL holders so that’s why they are charging that much. There are cheaper options on both sides of it (Purple and Cone) for those that are more price conscious and don’t want their own set-up.

Interesting point: if somebody parked in Cone and set up a grill, table, chairs in Blue Lot, is anyone going to tell them “no”?

Parking is something that must be sorted out moving forward. Lots need to be more affordable on a per game basis, and we have to find a way to get more active tailgaters closer to the stadium.


Agree. I love the revenue it generates but the biggest reason our lots are empty is due to pricing.

I seriously doubt there will be many buyers. Maybe Marshall fans.

Very similar situation as Panthers tailgating. As each surface lot seems to get gobbled up uptown, tailgating is getting pushed further away from the stadium. john fox: it is what it is. With that said, tailgating becomes more intimate, whether you tailgate in southend, morehead st, down stonewall, near romare, etc. Like the Panthers and us, we dont have giant rectangular parking lots nearby the stadium like a lot of other teams professionally and collegiate. I agree with others, close lots need to be vibrant and tons of energy. I’d pay 50 for the gold/horseshoe lots any day, but that’s not going to happen unfortunately. I think they should bump the blue and red lot to 40 though, due to the distance from the stadium. Part of my price point of 40 is I dont believe the demand is quite there yet either. Once it starts filling in, then perhaps bump it back up. Right now we need to improve gameday atmosphere and that starts in a parking lot, not a parking deck.

But that’s not our situation. Most of our lots are 60% empty on game day

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I know that’s what I was alluding to. Despite the price, i am happy the AD is being proactive and doing the trial run. At the bare minimum, they’ve opened up a lot for single game purchase and I appreciate that.

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I absolutely agree with that. I think our parking was designed for a scenario in which the entire stadium was seat licenses. And it’s just not. I know the parking revenue is great, but at some point you do have to ask the question if it’s keeping people away.

Our only cash lot is not that close to the stadium and is 20 per car.

Our tailgating scene is pretty bad, it’s depressing when you’re walking around campus and only see a smattering of cars/tents.

I’ve kept myself limited to the alumni tent, mainly due to the expense. I could maybe justify the price of the lots if they were filled, but paying however much it is as a non FSL for a lot that’s 2/3rds empty just isn’t the move (especially when you have the atmosphere of the alumni pavilion).

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clt says we need to recreate the black lot ASAP.

…that’s racist.

More concentrated tailgating closer to the stadium would establish a better atmosphere. I know the highest donors to the 49er Club get the best tailgating spots but do those people even tailgate? Could you still allow preferred parking to those big donor folks but open up the nearby surface lots to the hardcore fans?

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Gold lot was jumping before the Umass game. Lots of people. There were still empty spots though. I do suppose people that have purchased those spots have the right to not use them. I just think we need a parking adjustment.

I know there are lots of blue lot fans on this board, but I often wonder if it wouldn’t be better for our program to concentrate parking in the horseshoe, CRI lot, and Lot 25 for overflow.

The ring around the stadium needs to be a mad house… I’ve seen several great ideas on how to make that happen (golf cart shuttles door to door from a deck etc… cpip idea) … I get the big donors should get premium treatment, but its like a morgue because of them. This is a topic that’s going to require some real finesse from the Hill/Fuller duo.