Bowl Projection for Charlotte 49ers

Jerry Palm on CBS Sports has the Charlotte 49ers playing Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl on December 31st after the Niners took down Middle Tennessee State on Saturday.

clt says that would be epic

That would be so so perfect

That would be the greatest thing ever.

Is this even possible? Is this one of the bowls the sec or acc might not be able to fill?

Contrary to popular opinion, I personally would rather have the bowl elsewhere. Yea it would be really cool playing in the panthers stadium and all but I feel like the point of a bowl game is to pack your bags and travel south to warmer weather. It wouldn’t feel right in my opinion. I wonder if anyone else feels the same.

Either way I will be so excited if we are playing in the panthers stadium and will be proud to share the first bowl game experience with my fellow niners!

Epic doesn’t begin to describe it…to play a team like VT in our first ever bowl only minutes from campus and in our home city would be a massive boost to not only the program but a chance for the city to further embrace the school and program!!!


We might actually get 30k people wearing green to show up for a game at BoA. We’d be lucky to get 300 to show up for any current away bowls (until the MB bowl starts next year). I get what you’re saying, but an away bowl can wait till the next time we bowl.


Let’s beat UTEP before we get carried away talking about the Belk Bowl.


Heck no! It’s part of the fun of being a fan.


As long as the team stays focused on UTEP, we can do their bowl dreaming for them. :wink:


I think playing in belk bowl here would absolutely be huge and the best thing for us long term. Would be huge for local recruiting and marketing in the city. A huge part of bowl invites is can the fanbase travel, this would establish our ability to travel to some degree and would bring new local fans into the fold. We keep taking about how do we pull in the 80k alums that are local. Well here it is.


I’d 100% be in for the Belk bowl and could probably get several friends that aren’t even big Charlotte fans to go. Other bowl options would be lucky to get 1000 Charlotte fans IMO

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I think 1000 is very doable for any driving distance game. I can easily count 250 or so folks I would expect to make the game. If you bring in airfare now that would be a under 1000 traveling.

Consider we brought well over a thousand to App and had a Really large crowd at Clemson. Hell we had 150-200 or so folks at our tailgate alone at Clemson.

Belk Bowl is the best possible outcome and it’s not close.

Yep! It could be transformational for the program.

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I thought the Belk bowl was acc vs sec, period. How’d we get into that equation?

SEC has to have the eligible teams. If there are not enough 6 win teams the bowl can look outside conference.

In addition the SEC lists it as six bowls (Belk, Libery, etc) That after the CFP and Citrus make their invites are out can be selected from.

So basically we need to pull for 2 SEC teams to make the CFP and to keep the number of 6 win Eligible teams out of the SEC as low as possible.

I think if SEC cannot fill the spot and we are bowl eligible it’s a no brainer for the Belk Bowl because of the crowd I think we’d bring. Plus if it is Va Tech theyll travel pretty well so it’d probably be one of the better attended Belk Bowls.

Jerry Palm may be projecting 2 SEC teams in the FBS Playoffs and the SEC will not have 8 bowl eligible teams. Mississippi is probably on probation, too.

If Charlotte is bowl eligible and the SEC can’t fulfill its bowl obligations, the 49ers in the Belk Bowl makes perfect sense.