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I’m liking the moves Fitt is making. Addressing needs and signing value deals on productive players.

We are locked into drafting a QB though, so the talk about trading down is mostly hot air. They can’t afford to. Need #1 or #2 pick at worst.

We still need more help at WR and DE too.

I would love for Thielen to sign with the Panthers, but looking at it not as a Panther fan why would he? He doesn’t know who’s going to throw him the ball which for a WR can mean money or no money with incentives. We will see how it plays out.

He is reportedly interested.

Also, he is 32. Not a lot of teams are going to want a WR with that many miles on him, especially as an every down guy. We might be his chance to be that.

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Seems like a good price

The 53rd overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Sanders blossomed into a Pro Bowl player during his time with the Eagles. He was named to his first Pro Bowl last season after setting career highs with 1,269 rushing yards and 11 touchdown runs. Sanders ran for an additional 148 yards and two touchdowns in the Eagles’ three playoff games.


Miles Sanders

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Sanders’ versatility is one of the things that the Panthers likely looked at when they chose to pursue him. After catching 50 passes as a rookie, Sanders was used more as a runner during the end of his time in Philadelphia. Along with his receiving prowess, Sanders is able to make plays between, as well as outside, the hash marks.

I hope we are keeping Foreman and not Hubbard.

Sanders & Foreman would be a solid 1-2 punch. Deal Hubbard or cut him.

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“Smooth in the pocket, honestly,” Beal said about Stroud. “He probably was the best quarterback we played. He was real poised, wasn’t nervous at all in the pocket. He just sat back there, had all his reads, and just made plays.”

I think Young can play, but I doubt his durability.

I want Stroud. I know OSU QBs are typically overrated, but I don’t think this one is, and I think we have an OL that can keep him upright long enough to make his reads (if we didn’t I might be more open to Young). He also reportedly had one of the best passing workouts the scouts have ever seen. Like Andrew Luck level.

If the Panthers take Levis I will be bummed. If they take Richardson I will be furious.

The only way the trade makes sense is if you take Stroud. Levis and Richardson could be there at 9.

8 to 10 guys in the box every play that average 6’5 to 6’6, and half of them are jumping and swatting when your QB is 5’10. That means Young will need to roll out or drop deeper to see the field well at all. In the NFL, any tendency is usually considered a weakness that is exploited. No way I would draft a player of Young’s size #1, much less trade up to #1 overall

Any word on improving the turf at BofA stadium? There was a lot of concern and complaints galore about how hard the field was last season. Surprised new incoming players haven’t made this an issue about whether they would play here.
Hope something will be done to solve this problem, but Tepper’s push for multi use of the stadium conflicts with a softer surface. He ought to accommodate panthers players first and foremost. I remain disturbed until this is made better for the players.

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Also, those black helmets are the stuff.

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They need to go back to real grass. Cheap idea to use turf when you are an NFL team in our ideal climate.


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Need that artificial turf since Tepper has brought live music to the QC for the first time ever! :roll_eyes: