Carolina Panthers 🐈‍⬛

You want fries with that? That’s the kind of jobs Tepper brings to the table

clt is ok with tourism funds going to bofa stadium, but agrees that the turf needs to go away


Fwiw those taxes by law can only be used for a very narrow set of expenses.


Good point.

Food and beverage tax increase for us all.

Who do they think they represent? Stealth corruption.

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I’m not saying they should help him. I quit watching the NFL. Fuck them. I got tired of contributing to a system that pays men at insane levels to play a game to help billionaires make more insane money.

What’s funny is after being a HUGE hornets fan I didn’t miss them when I dropped the NBA and I’ve missed the Panthers even less.

I do think the city should get ownership stake in the franchise and a block of tickets to give to citizens for free in exchange for any assistance.


clt says the Charlotte Panthers sounds nice

Its a poker game, probably already looking at land between San Antonio & Austin off the interstate…. Probably makes more sense long term to get there before someone else does in terms of medium term and long term value.

Just like the Orioles don’t want to miss out on Nashville…

Sports palaces for stupid Americans. Ultra expensive coronations for stupid Brits. I do sometimes despair.

Tepper could buy Charlotte 3 more light rail lines and still be filthy rich, yet “our council” anticipates him asking for an almost a $billion because why? Burton Smith threatened to move the Speedway, and did it take a $billion to let that stupid idea go away?

They still don’t know what to do with Eastland Mall , which I think Tepper already promised help and did nothing? Right? That’s what I vaguely recall. In a day where real estate has skyrocketed, they can’t figure out what to do with acres of waste.

You have to give it to Jerry Jones. He bought the Cowboys for $160 million and now it’s worth over $7 billion, theoretically. And he got Arlington to pay for most of his $billion palace. At least they have been to 8 Super Bowls and won 3, and their cheerleaders have their own TV channel.


Name should be changed to the “Charlotte Panthers” too.

Yes tepper pulled out of the eastland project as well.
Real shame his dad didn’t execute the pull out as well as he does.


Yeah Cam, it’s your hair. It has nothing to do with his JV play and decisions made on the field. Nor does it have anything to do with Cam’s losing record since his body fell apart. Cam should just cut his hair so that all these racist NFL teams will give him a yet another chance to fail and lose.

Cam WAS incredible. The great ones seem to be the last to know they can no longer compete in a young man’s NFL.

Doesn’t Lamar Jackson have dreadlocks? Didn’t he just sign a contract for $265 million?

:fried_shrimp: Anyone shorter than five feet will get a free char-grilled shrimp dish at World of Beer today.

clt says big day for bryce!

Guys like Cam probably need something or someone to offend them, for inspiration purposes. Problem seems to be, Cam isn’t good enough right now for a team to take on the ego and veteran minimum salary costs for a backup QB. I like Cam, but whatever hope I had for him vanished with his latest failure here.

Bite your tongue on my Orioles leaving Baltimore, although given rampant crime there I can’t blame them.

Happy Lets Go GIF by Baltimore Orioles