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I don’t understand the Panthers Hall of Honor. It seems they’ve really softened the criteria. To me there should probably be 3 players in there; Steve Smith, Julius Peppers and Luke Kuechly. Cam is a borderline 4th.

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Sam Mills I think too, but that may be your point.

clt says they should put a syringe beside peppers name

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Borderline 4th? You mean the only league MVP the franchise has ever had? The QB who led the team to its best season ever? The all time leader in TDs? THAT Cam?


Ultimately, if it was my decision, I would probably put him in it. But I don’t think it’s as clear cut as the other 3 I mention.

When I look at something like this, I would base it on a period of sustained excellency, how they rated against their peers and at their respective positions. Were they a top 3 or so player at their respective positions, for a sustained period. Cam had more ups and downs than I would like. Cam’s MVP year was probably the only year he was top 3 at his position.

Cam’s overall stats for a QB versus other QBs are pretty impressive. I saw something about how he compares to other HOF QBs. Rushing yds, TDs, etc are very high

We will have to agree to disagree on this then.

Cam was the best player in the league that year, and probably a few more. He willed us to that super bowl despite having almost no supporting cast on offense. He absolutely deserves to be in. It’s not his fault we wasted his talent by never giving him weapons or a decent OL.

This…2015 was the only year (with Cam) that we had even a decent OL and as luck would have it they played their worst game of the year in the Super Bowl (thanks Mike Remmers and the OL Coach for never adjusting and giving him help).

Comparing Cam with other QBs is difficult because of what he could do running. However, even when combined (passing and rushing), his numbers were behind a typical passing only QB. For example, in 2016 Cam had a combined 3,800 yards rushing and passing, and 24 combined passing and rushing Tds. Conversely, Drew Brees had 5,200 passing yards and 37 passing TDs.

As far as supporting cast, I think there’s some truth to that, but I’d also say there are other QBs in that same situation every year, with better numbers. Just last season Andy Dalton, on a talentless Saints team, had a QBrating of 95.2, which is higher than every season for Cam except his MVP year.

How about 2015? :slight_smile: You’ll find Cam accounted for 45 TDs and a 99 passer rating. he also had a passer rating of 94 as late as 2018 and 28 TDs that year in 14 games.


That’s fair. These rankings can certainly be subjective. I simply don’t believe he was consistently a top 10 QB for his era. How many of these guys would you put him ahead of? Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, Andrew Luck, Tony Romo, Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes

I think Newton is deserving to be in Panthers HOF without a doubt. Won an MVP and the running QB in league history. I woulda thought it was Vick but then I looked up the stats.

Stafford and Romo for sure (and I like Stafford).