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Stafford has 348 TDs, Cam has 269. Stafford has 42 game winning drives, Cam has 20.

Romos career record is 75-49, Cams is 75-68. Romo’s career QBR is 97.1, Cam’s is 85.2.

He’s up there for sure as some of the best rushing QBs. But he’s around 45th all time in passing yards and 55 for passing TDs.

Both were in much more pass heavy offenses. Dallas almost always had more offensive weapons and better offensive lines.

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I laughed so hard when someone changed his photo and position listing to turnstile the day after the Super Bowl on Wikipedia.

This is kind of the chicken/egg scenario. They were/weren’t in a pass heavy offense in large part because of the QB. Cam couldn’t lead a pass heavy offense. BTW, Cam’s 269 TDs are combined passing and rushing. Passing only, Cam has 194 to Stafford’s 333.

But let’s say we agree Cam’s ahead of Stafford and Romo, you’re still saying there are roughly 10 QBs from his era ahead of him.

I know the stats. This conversation was originally about who was most worthy of being in the PANTHERS Hall of Honor, not about who were the best QBs in the entire NFL over a random period of time. I shouldn’t have “jumped into your other debate”.

And to that point, Jake Delhomme is in the Ring of Honor. So whenever the time comes, Cam is a lock to be put there as well.


Kevin Greene was an awesome Panther.

Walls was a great tight end. Olsen was probably better, but definitely more talented.

Steve Smith should be in the NFL HOF

Cam without question the best Panthers QB.

Luke was the best LB. Thomas Davis 2nd. Sam Mills was awesome for some bad teams.

Minter was awesome and always solid.

Not a Peppers fan, but he was great when he wasn’t taking plays off

Josh Norman was great here.

We had a juiced punter Todd that gets honorable mention for dishonorable conduct. Didn’t he supply others on the team.?

Kalil was solid as was Gross.

Never really had consistently great RB production despite having some talented runners

There really isn’t that many great Panthers

The Todd Sauerbraun stories are incredible. That guy was a piece of work. Total douchebag from all reports.

Said the Steelers fan… :slight_smile:

So? Panthers fan too.

clt asks why are you ignoring the duke era for the panthers?

We got into that discussion because I said, for me, a Panther player should be a top 3 -5 player at his position, during his era. It wasn’t a random period of time, it was during Cam’s time.

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That was my whole point. If Walls and Muhammad are in the hall of honor, players like Olson, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Minter, Khalil are probably going to be in there too.

Yeah. It’s much hype for one of the youngest organizations trying to re-establish some history. Sayeth the Steelers/Panthers fan, it is something for the Panthers that were important to whatever successful play during their era, despite whatever. The Panthers have Sam Mills in the HOF, when New Orleans could probably claim him. I bet Kevin Greene struggled some to go in the HOF as a Steeler, when he had great years with the Rams and some very special years with the Panthers.

With Greene, the Steelers have 32 dudes in the HOF, and should have LC Greenwood and Hines Ward there too. That said, the Steelers use their ring of fame equivalent so that guys who will never make the real HOF can be remembered and honored with those hall of famers. In that regard, I applaud the Panthers because I enjoy remembering what those players accomplished.

I mean, Deangelo Williams was so damn good, reliable and productive, but he shared the load with guys and on many bad teams. Walls was a guy that should be remembered, as should Olsen. Minter and Jenkins too…etc. The Panthers today would be much better if those kinds of players were exchanged in their prime for almost anyone on the current roster.

Personally, I believe Steve Smith should be a first ballot hall of fame player. He did so much well and I can’t compare him to anyone before or after him, on any team from any era. I know he would probably be the best receiver on any team in almost any era for several years in his prime. Imagine if Steve Smith had Montana and Young throwing him open?

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Idk if cam will get HOF consideration given the injuries that shortened his career and the impact those had on his stats, but had those not occurred I think he absolutely would have pieced together a HOF career.

I think Cam will get in, but he could have a long wait. His performance fell off the cliff, which I think clouds how great he was as a rookie until the fall. He also never won a Super Bowl and that is something that would have obviously boosted his chances. It’s hard to get into the NFL HOF.

This is a good list of QB’s who arguably should be in the HOF. Phil Simms, Boomer and Ken Anderson and Randall Cunningham are in their top 4. I think Cam is pretty close to that Top 4. Phil Simms has 2 Super Bowl wins and was perfect in one.

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You don’t have to post all of Cam’s rushing stats. I’ve already said he’s probably the best running QB of all time. But I’ve also said, even as excellent as his rushing stats are, there are stil 5-8 QBs from his era that I’d rate ahead of him.

From a combination of USA Today and Athlon Sports, here are Cam’s preseason QB rankings.

2013 - 16
2014 - 14
2015 - 13
2016 - 5
2017 - 7
2018 - 7
2019 - NA
2020 - 15

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clt asks if Cam is HOF worthy