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Do tell, what makes you optimistic the Panthers are going to have a good season? And what is a good season? You obviously have some butthurt with that subject

If I’m not mistaken the year that the Patriot went 16-0 they were 0-4 in preseason.

I’m not saying the Panthers will be good or bad but preseason means NOTHING.

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Yeah. They had Tom Brady.

Here is Newton’s first game. This is the bar that a #1 QB should perform like his 1st NFL game. Lots of WOW in 2011. Cam>>>Bryce

For me, a successful season for the Panthers will be anything around .500. Ditto for the Broncos as well as the Charlotte 49ers.

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Keep talking to yourself.

That’s my point about the 2023. Some people get obviously upset if that is pointed out. If they had playoff caliber talent, then finishing around .500 would be a failed season. They have a weak division, so finishing around.500 should be achievable. I would not bet on it.

Steelers have Joe Montana so I guess we should all get ready for them to win 4 SBs.

Just get ready for the next one

Kenny Montana!!

I don’t see how y’all or anyone are still so invested in the NFL.


It’s not so difficult when your favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kenny Montana is their QB

Man y’all I’m telling ya life is better when you stop caring about the NFL and quit making rich people richer.

I feel better about professional sports than I do about college to be honest.

College football is nothing but exhibition games for all but about 6 or 7 teams. The rest of the nation has no chance to win it all, at least in pro football the best teams don’t get the top picks every friggin year.

No DuBose :sob:

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clt says grade little young and the panthers today

Making a push toward the top of the division. Now trail by just a single game.

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