Carolina Panthers 🐈‍⬛

clt says he had an amazing salad order and tepper’s wife was impressed

When you are 2 - 15 and make an internal hire that helped build that roster and then hire a 1st time OC with the 23rd offense in the NFL then it is obvious your realistic candidate pool is shit!!!

We are going to have to be really lucky to overcome Tepper…

Every word of this is truth. FML

Tepper had snitches in the locker room.

Anyone wanna redo their vote for most hated local coach / owner?

Nah, don’t get me wrong Tepper is a big time douche but he didn’t quit on his team because he thought he couldn’t win. He just hired snitches. Sanchez walked out on the team. Plus I just don’t care about the Panthers any more. Just not the same emotional attachment as the Niners not close. Has never been close honestly.

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This whole thing is just so weird… does Tepper really think doing all this is going to lead to more wins?? He’s so far out of touch is crazy, I hope he one day realizes he doesn’t know shit about football and just sells the team.

79 definitely needs to be moved… to another team.

Yes. He likely gets back his investment even though he’s screwed up the franchise and the franchise gets rid of him.

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Too bad Peppers doesn’t know how to read. There are a lot of articles about him.


clt says apparently steroid use is no issue for the nfl HOF

Was reminded this am, the Panthers had both Mccaffrey and Butker (K, Chiefs) on their roster. Both had legitimate chances to be Super Bowl MVPs last night.