Chants for Wednesday

Whats it gonna be?
Also, I tryed to spread the word about, cause everyone above row 4 was confused about the first in flight chant.
I think if more people knew about they would know about the chants maybe?

well there mascot name is hooter. chenney old so we can make fun of him about that. the incident last year when he so brilliantly “sent in his goons” to take out a st. joes player.

#1 Show some respect to John Chaney. “You’re a legend” might be a little over the top but something like that. Seriously, don’t get too crazy with him.

Mardy Collins is one of the best guards in the country. Make his life miserable.

Someone was saying “Send if your goons” as a chant yesterday.

LOL, as I’m typing…Dax posts just the opposite.

chaney deserves to get crap because he has to cheat to win now.

funny how things work out like that. i do respect chaney because of his age. but his tatics are horrible. he deserves to get all the crap he can get from halton to the point where he hates coaching against us here.

gill that was me that suggested that.

Remember that UCLA clip that someone posted yesterday? We were all talking about coordination? How about a few people towards the very bottom make a sign with what chant we are doing so people see it. You follow that?

I’d make ‘hooo hooo’ noises like an owl.

It kinda sounds like “Who? Who?”. Good mock for Chaney not having a f****** clue who Charlotte was at the beginning of the year.

Well if its crap you want to give him, its crap he will get! Im gonna scour the internet for crap on him!

we were thinking about distributing pieces of paper to the student section with numbers on it. when someone at the bottom held up that number you chant what that number says.

Oh yeah…I remember Chaney’s preseason comments. I change my mind. Make him pay.

John Chaney

Temple website:

just found that on him

we need to chant Ingram the GOON.

thats not a bad idea either. It would be a bit costly, printing off all that.

If we have that many chant, we should get them on paper, and do that dax,
If there are only a few, then maybe just right them on a board, or few, and hold them up so people get the idea?

someone needs to make a sign that says…

all for the continuation of chaney’s suspension please say “goons”


[QUOTE] [I][SIZE=1]Chaney, along with Duke’s Coach K, are the only coaches that actually look like their teams mascots[/SIZE][/I][/QUOTE]


Hoot, Hoot, Chaney smells like Poot.

[FONT=Arial]33-Year Overall Record 724-297 (.709)

723 of those wins were because chaney decided to cheat to win.

[QUOTE=the daxified one;152571][FONT=Arial]33-Year Overall Record 724-297 (.709)

723 of those wins were because chaney decided to cheat to win.

or on the same theme

John Chaney
724 wins
Too old to remember 723 of them